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I'm afraid that's impossible, because spells don't actually do anything.

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No there is not a potion it is only in Harry Potter.

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Q: Is there a potion that can turn you into a girl?
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What potion will turn a mortal into a wizard?

No potion can transform you into a wizard.

Can humans turn into mermaids?

yes they can if they make a potion. This is the potion, mix your fish D.N.A. with your human D.N.A. and drink the potion. You might turn into a mermaid or a merman.

How do you make a speed potion in minecraft?

A potion of swiftness can be made by first brewing an awkward potion which uses water bottles and nether warts. Use this potion along with sugar to create the potion of swiftness. Adding redstone to this potion will increase the amount of time the potion last for and adding glowstone reduces the amount of time the potion will last but will increase it to a swiftness 2 potion. Add gunpowder to turn it into a splash potion and dragon breath to turn it into a lingering potion.

Is there a potion that turns you into a lion?

If you are on here you have to be at least 9. I am a fairy I am the queen there is no potion to turn you into a lion .

Can you make a potion in sims 2 pets?

can you make a potion in sims 2 pets? a potion to turn sims in to mermaids or sim plants,etc...

How do you make a potion it will turn you to a vampire?

There are none, sorry.

How do you turn invisible in minecraft?

You have to use the potion of invisibility.

How can you make a potion to turn you into a werewolf?

to turn into a werewolf wolf

If someone drinks an animagus' polyjuice potion will they be able to turn into an animal?

when jk Rowling wrote the books, there was never a mention of an animagus polyjuice potion. however, in the second book, it does state that when you use the pollyjuice potion, you cannot try to turn yourself into an animal, or else something will go totally wrong. Hermione learned this the hard way when she accidentaly put cat hair in the potion instead of the girl's. she got stuck in a half cat, half human state and it took forever for her to recover.

What is the potion recipe to turn people into mermaids?

No such thing...sorry

Can you turn an attack mix back into an attack potion in runescape?


Is there a potion or another way to turn into a golden ret. puppy DOG?

Sorry, there is no potion to do that but there is imagination. Use your imagination and be whatever you wish.