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emanuela nay

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Q: What is the real name of the lady in the movie Fermo posta Tinto Brass who takes the coin from the floor that Tinto Brass tosses?
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How do you connect commode to sewer line?

Floor flange, cast iron ,brass with floor flange bolts (brass) wax gasket and make sure the line is vented

Where can you purchase a floor brass lamp?

A floor brass lamp can be purchased at stores that sell home furnishings such as Bed Bath and Beyond. One great store would be Pure One Imports which sells many unique items and would definitely have a floor lamp made of brass.

How do you Replace a toilet after you tile the floor?

With a deep floor flange Or a wax seal with a horn and extra long Brass floor flange bolts

Do floor brass lamps illuminate a room the same way as a smaller lamp that we can put on a coffee table for example?

Floor brass lamps provides a homely atmosphere to any room it is used. While smaller lamps are efficient, floor brass lamps provide a wider range of illumination, and these lamps are more efficient at lighting rooms than other lamps.

Floor outlet fixtures shall be secured to the floor or floor flanges by screws or bolts of what kind of materials- Copper or Brass or Corrosion-resistant or any of the above?

any of the above. Brass usually for decorative fixtures, steel or plated screws for utility, usually round head countersunk & Phillips

What is the value of Rembrandt antique brass floor lamp R 9621?

a minimum of $330.00

Does Home Depot have a wide variety of brass floor lamps in stock in their stores?

The Home Depot has a large variety of floor brass lamps. They range of pricing depends on the height of the lamp, the number of parts on the lamp, as well as how large the lamp is. You can also buy a different lamp shade for the floor lamp as well.

Where can you buy antique brass floor lamps?

You can probably find one at Lamps Plus or Home Depot. If you want a truly classic antique brass floor lamp, check your local antique stores. You may be able to negotiate a lower price from the dealer.

Brass toilet flange soldered to 3 inch copper it is sitting way higher than your new floor what do you do?

Either raise the floor or un-solder the flange and lower it

Would a brass floor lamp fit with an art deco themed apartment?

Yes. The art deco style is a very eclectic mix of vintage and modern. It relies heavily on contrasting geographic shapes. If you picked out a modern lamp shade for the floor lamp, it would fit very well with the antique look of the brass.

Where did the spent machine bullets go on b17s World War 2?

On a B17 bomber the spent shell casings (brass) fell on the floor. Everything was scarce and rationed during WWII so I assume the brass was reused.

How do you move a toilet 3 inches with concrete sub-floor?

If the extisting drain is lead pipe it can be moved about an inch and the use a offset brass floor flange and lead wipe it in place that will give you the 3" you want