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The Swiss Army knife, made be Victorinox. Several models have been used in the show, "Tinker", "Executive", "Explorer" and "Huntsman" models most commonly known.

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Q: What is the real name for a MacGyver knife?
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What is macgyvers real name?

His first name is finally revealed in Good Knight MacGyver (Season 7) as it turns out to be Angus- a name he is not entirely pleased with.

Who was the TV hero who was good with a Swiss army knife?

MacGyver--see link

What type of Swiss army knife does macgyver use?

In the majority of episodes MacGyver uses Victorinox Swiss Army Knives. The opening title sequences does show a clip where he was using a Wenger knife, but most of the time it's victorinox. According to the MacGyver Online web site which has a list of all the knives used in each episode the most commonly used knife was the Victorinox Spartan.

Which Macgyver episode has the woman holding up a sign that says Macgyver and Macgyver asks if her name is Macgyver too?

The Heist Season 1, Episode 5

In the movie the lost treasures of atlantis what model of victorinox Swiss army knife did macgyver use?


What type of knife is used in call of duty 6?

A throwing knife[EDIT] There is also the tactical knife attachment for handguns and the regular melee knife. If you are asking for the real knife name then the name of the knife is tatang combo edge knife by blackhawk here is the link

Is a royal crest Swiss army knife real or fake?

Your question's a little vague: 1. The knife is a real knife (it exists and will cut things) 2. The knife is NOT a "Swiss Army" knife - that title belongs to Victorinox AG

What was the name of MacGyver's boss?

Pete Thornton (played by the late Dana Elcar)

Name a knife which can be cut by knife?

a fake wooden knife :)

What is the duration of MacGyver?

The duration of MacGyver is 2880.0 seconds.

What are the ratings and certificates for MacGyver - 1985 MacGyver's Women 6-8?

MacGyver - 1985 MacGyver's Women 6-8 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-PG

How does MacGyver make a bomb?

Television shows use special effects. None of the bombs depicted are real bombs.