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No one. The MacGyver theme doesn't have lyrics.

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Q: Who sang the theme song for the show 'MacGyver'?
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Who sang MacGyver's theme song?

There are no words to the MacGyver's Theme. It's an instrumental by composer Randy Edelman.

The Rembrandts sang a Theme song for which TV show?


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Who sings MacGyver's theme song?

Randy Edelman

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Kelsey Grammer, (Frasier), sang it himself.Kelsey Grammer

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Leon Redbone

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It was performed by TLC in 1994

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The theme song title of the vampire TV show "Moonlight" is Taking Chances. This is sang by a famous artist,ÊCeline Dion.Ê

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The theme song is perfromed by The Rembrandts

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