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It's saying: "Die rebel scum!"

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Q: What is the probe droid saying in the Empire Strikes Back?
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How was the death probe built in six million dollar man?

I snuck on the lot of universal studios in 1979 and I saw the death probe sitting there and I ripped off one of the spikes on the probe. It was a great sovinier . It was made out of rubber.

What nicknames did Bob Probert go by?

Bob Probert went by Probie, and Probe.

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Marianas trench, Marianas trough, or Marianas deep (mâr'ēăn'əz) , elongated depression on the Pacific Ocean floor, 210 mi (338 km) SW of Guam. It is the deepest (35,798.6 ft/10,911.5 m at the Challenger Deep) known depression on the earth's surface. A U.S. navy bathyscape reached its bottom in 1960; a 1995 Japanese probe made what is probably the most accurate measurement of its depth.

Is twister based on a true story?

well in the universal studios they showed a video of the makers and they said that it was an actual twister that happened somewhere around 1978 or somethiing .. (but idk if they were there when it happened or not)

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What is the name of the droid Darth Vader sent to hoth?

That droid is a probe droid, but to be more specific, a Viper probe droid.

What does the probe droid says?

endt ta'la zenda. endt ta'la Zend

What is a Crew-less Spaceship Called?

Unmanned Aircraft and spaceships are called a variety of names. These are the most common: Drone, Rocket, Droid, Probe, and Satellite.

Why are probe droids noisy?

Because the original droid on Hoth said "Ham on a-sensitive!" to the Empire, reporting a half eaten sandwich in the snow then suddenly detected hidden rebel sensors detecting the droid making the probe suddenly cut off its sentence by sensitively detecting nearby rebel scanners under the ice. Then later droids made up their own different sentences and some were paranoid with the original "Ham on a-sensitive" so they invented "bithrell" as a word to show they didn't like "sensitive". So they now say "Ham on a bithrell". Please don't delete! Thank you! :) It's the truth and I spent 10 minutes writing this! Seriously! I hope this answers your question. :) Thank you very much for reading! :))

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