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lead singer in bloody head wrap

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Q: What is the picture on disturbed's the sickness album?
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What is the logo on disturbeds believe album?

the icon is a mix of several religious symbols overlapping one another

Who recorded the song called The Sickness?

The Sickness is an album of music. The Disturbed heavy metal band recorded this studio album. This Sickness album was released in March of the year 2000.

What disturbed album is stupify on?

The Sickness

What album is disturbed enemy on?

the sickness

What is the release date of Down With the Sickness by Disturbed?

The album that Down With the Sickness is from, The Sickness, was released March 7, 2000.

Who originally sang down with the sickness?

the band Disturbed sang down with the sickness on their album The Sickness in 2000

When was Picture - album - created?

Picture - album - was created in 2004-12.

What was the first album by disturbed?

In March of the year 2000, the band Disturbed launched their first album "The Sickness." Soon after, the album made the charts claiming its spot in the top 30 according to Billboard 200.

When was Picture Book - album - created?

Picture Book - album - was created in 1985-10.

What genre of music is the disturbed album 'the sickness'?


When was Motion Picture - album - created?

Motion Picture - album - was created on 1999-12-14.

What is disturbeds most popular song?

DroPPiN plaTeZ