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The vinyl album is around $200-$550. The original CD album is $3-$11.

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Q: How much is Michael Jackson's Thriller picture disc worth?
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What is the net worth of joe Jackson Michael Jacksons father?

Joe jackson net worth

Promotional Michael Jackson thriller album what is it worth?

His album is worth at least $100

How much is a used Michael Jackson thriller lp worth?


If you have the original thriller picture LP by Michael Jackson The record is unopened and still in the plastic Does anyone know how much it could be worth?

It doesn't matter. Just sell it for as much money as you want.

Was the Michael Jackson thriller zombie really Michael Jackson?

Yes, Michael and his dance crew wore at least 3 hours worth of makeup and prosthetics. The part in the Thriller dance routine, when Michael and the zombies turn around from there backs to the camera, are two different takes that were filmed.

How much is Michael Jackson Thriller 25th Anniversary record worth?

about 20 bucks. You can still buy them at the store

How much is a Michael Jackson Picture Worth my grandma has a signed picture of Michael Jackson before he ever had surgery about how much is it worth?

hello its Michael Jackson! everybody wants a picture of him(except for the haters) and its signed to! its worth alot! lets say around 100-500 dollars or probably more than that!

How much would a picture of michael jackson and bubbles be worth?

Unless it's an incredibly rare or never before seen picture, it won't be worth anything.

How much was Michael Jackson worth during the thriller era?

It is noted that he was worth about 750 million dollars during the Thriller era. Forbes recently reported that he is now worth $350 million, perhaps because he hasn't released any new music or signed any record deals in a while. He was the most successful entertainer in the world.

How much is Michael Jackson's thriller record worth?

Now that he is dead, I would say a lot. Unfortunately I don't know the exact ammount.

How much is Desean Jacksons autographed football worth?

about 50 p

What is the value of 1969 Ogden Elementary School picture of Michael Jordan?

it is probably worth around 1000 dollars, but i am not the expert