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Q: What is the phrase slim as a fox in sir nicety nox?
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What does the phrase dry as a stick of Sir Nicketty Nox suggest about Nicketty Nox's appearance?

The phrase suggests that Sir Nicketty Nox appears incredibly dry or dehydrated, emphasizing a lack of moisture in his appearance. It implies that he might look very thin, brittle, or withered.

Summary of Sir Nicketty Nox written by Hugh Chesterman?

Sir Nicketty Nox Sir Nicketty Nox was an ancient knight, So old was he that he'd lost his sight. Blind as a mole, and slim as a fox, And dry as a stick was Sir Nicketty Nox. His sword and buckler were old and cracked, So was his charger and that's a fact. Thin as a rake from head to hocks, Was this rickety Nag of Sir Nicketty Nox. A wife he had and daughters three, And all were as old as old could be. They mended the shirts and darned the socks Of that old Antiquity, Nicketty Nox. Sir Nicketty Nox would fly in a rage If anyone tried to guess his age. He'd mouth and mutter and tear his locks, This very pernickety Nicketty Nox. Written as you state by Hugh Chesterman

What is the latin phrase for creature of night?

creatura nox noctis = creature of the night

What is Night Time in latin?

Nox (genitive noctis, f.)From which we get nocturnal

When was Polypoetes nox created?

Polypoetes nox was created in 1909.

When was Bona nox created?

Bona nox was created in 1788.

What is the meaning of sox and nox in boiler?

SOx ana nox

How tall is Kara Nox?

Kara Nox is 5' 4".

When was Opportunity Nox created?

Opportunity Nox was created on 2003-02-25.

When did Nox - video game - happen?

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How do you get to nox's domain in miscrits?

you can find nox's domain in the volcano on miscrits : volcano island but if you can go to nox's domain you must defeat all elementums

The Roman name Nox stands for?

'Nox', in Latin, means 'night'. It used in the Harry Potter series; lumos produces light, nox shuts it off.