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â??Say It With Flowersâ?? by Toshio Mori is about two characters, the elder, Teruo cares little about making money and prefers to work for the benefit of his customers instead of the business. His 11-year old coworker, John, is the exact opposite. The story is about Teruoâ??s meaning of freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

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Q: What is the outline of the story say it with flowers by toshio mori?
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Say it With Flowers , by Toshio Mori is a short story, in which the main character Teruo feels they flower store's "Flower policy" (selling old flowers) is unfair to the customers. He then takes the customers to the back and sells them the fresh flowers, which makes the manager (Mr. Sasaki) furious. Mr. Sasaki fires Teruo after he GIVES a woman free, fresh flowers. Teruo leaves the store "with his shoulders straight, head high, and whistling."

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