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what is the outcome of the conflict among the debarge group

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Q: What is the outcome of the conflict among the debarge group?
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What nationality is kristinia debarge?

Her father is James DeBarge, the youngest member of the group DeBarge. Debarge was a family group and their ethnicity mulatto (Black and White). Their mother is Black and their father is White. Kristinia's mother's name is Christine McDonald. There is no information available on her moms ethnicity but she looks to be a Latina.

What city was the group debarge from?

They are from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Is the group DeBarge formerly known as the Silvers?

No, they are two different families. However Bobby and Tommy DeBarge were in a group called Switch, they are the older two brothers.

What causes conflicts within a group of people?

He was causing conflict among his peers.

Did Stevie wonder play the harmonica in the debarge song love you in a special way?

Yes, he was a fellow labelmate of the group, DeBarge and played the solo on "Love Me in a Special Way."

What is the only animal group to use mediators in conflict resolution?

(Besides humans) chimpanzees are the only animals that use mediators in conflict resolution. This is common among chimpanzees as well as reconciliation after conflict.

Who wrote the original song 'I Like It'?

The original song "I Like It" was a hit song from 1982 that was made popular by the group DeBarge. The song was written by Randy, El, and Bunny DeBarge.

Did the group el debarge have a mixed racial parents?

Yes. Their mother is black and father was white.

What are the names of the Debarge family singing group?

Etterlene (Bunny) William (Randy) Mark James Eldra (El)

How many albums have been released by DeBarge?

Debarge, a sibling music group who were active between 1979 and 1989, released six albums. The names of some of these albums include "The Debarges," "All This Love," and "In a Special Way."

Where is Kristina DeBarge from?

Kristina DeBarge (born March 8, 1990 in southern California) is the daughter of James DeBarge, who was once married to Janet Jackson. James' mother is black and his father is half white (French Canadian). (As for her mother, I'm not certain but I have read that she is Latina). James DeBarge grew up in Detroit and Grand Rapids, Mich., and was part of a very popular early-1980s R&B group, "DeBarge." His older brothers were in a popular 1970s R&B group, "Switch." James has nine other siblings and almost all of them now (or used to) sing, write music and play one or more instruments.

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