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I still love the song fly robin fly and get up and boogie. Maria from New York

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Q: What is the original group of the silver convention doing now?
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What genre of music would you classify the Silver Convention in?

The Silver Convention were a group that produced music in the disco genre when it was really popular in the 1970s. They were originally called the Silver Bird Convention and then the Silver Bird.

What group was responsible for the creation of the us government?

The Constitutional Convention

What group is not at Constitutional Convention?


Solid Silver is an album by what rock band?

Solid Silver is an album released by Quicksilver Messenger. The album is one of the band's many popular releases that fit the original group's 'sound.'

What do you call a group of djs?

Broadcasters convention

What is group number of Al?

Under the international naming convention, it is in Group 13.

What group or family is silver in?

Silver belongs to the Group 11. This is a group of elements in the periodic table that consists of copper, silver, gold and roentgenium.

What group is silver in?

group 11

What group and family are silver in?

Silver is located with the transition metals. Group 11.

What is the group of silver?

the group of silwer is Ag

What group governs the way a convention is run?

Precinct Captains

What group did the Seneca Falls convention help?

women's rights