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its about Bella and Edward finally getting married, having a child, and her becoming a vampire its about Bella and Edward finally getting married, having a child, and her becoming a vampire ***WARNING!!! SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read the book yet and plan on it, do NOT read this if you don't want the surprises to be spoiled. You have been warned*** Detailed description: Book 1(Bella's Point of view): The book starts with the wedding in motion and to Bella's surprise, both Renee and Charlie are happy for her and approve the marriage. Bella and Edward get married at the Cullen house and Bella is still upset that Jacob didn't show up to the ceremony. However, Jacob makes a private entrance and dances with Bella in the reception. They discuss several matters including Bella becoming a vampire over two and a half songs. Jacob is extremely shocked that Bella intends to make love with Edward while she is still human and shakes violently almost becoming his werewolf form. The rest of the pack takes Jacob away and Edward and Bella go back to their reception. After that, Bella and Edward head off to their honeymoon site which Bella doesn't know of the location. After several stops they finally arrive to their honeymoon site, Isle Esme ( a gift from Carlisle to Esme just off of the coast of Brazil). Edward offers that they take a midnight swim since the water would be warm to make it as comfortable as possible. Bella takes a shower to calm her anxiety down. Then she goes into the water with Edward waiting and everything goes black... The next morning, Edward is absolutely infuriated with himself and thinks of himself as a monster. Bella founds out the source of this which is that she is covered with bruises all over. Edward vows to not make love to her again until she becomes a vampire. Edward tries to wear out Bella everyday then by doing activities such a s swimming with the dolphins and hiking in the rain forest to avoid any physical love. Bella sleeps in longer hours and eats a lot more and doesn't know the source of this. Bella, one night, tries to lure Edward into making love with her. He refuses, and Bella falls asleep. After a vivid dream of she and Edward making love (inferred and somewhat told), she starts getting moody and begins to cry and begs him. Edward gives in and they make love once more with Bella uninjured. The cleaning crew comes over and the lady is superstitious and suspicious of Edward thinking that he is a myth that lures in beautiful women. Edward and Bella then, make love once they leave (inferred). Edward leaves to go hunt for a while hoping that Bella wouldn't wake up before he came back. Bella realizes that she is hungry and is in the mood for chicken. Once she has it, it doesn't taste right to her and she throws it away thinking that it went bad. When Edward gets back, she experiences several episodes of throwing up and thinks that it's food poisoning from the chicken. After a few days, Bella notices a "small but defined bump" on her lower abdomen. She asks Edward how many days it has been and he says that it has been seventeen. Bella puts two and two together and realizes that she might be pregnant. It seemed much too early though to experience morning sickness, vivid dreams, odd sleeping patterns, cravings, odd taste, moodiness, and especially a bump. Edward goes into shock and his phone rings. Bella picks up and finds that Alice called. Alice asks what is wrong and Bella is sure that she saw something. Bella asks for Carlisle and tells him of her theory. He asks her procedure questions and then thinks that she might very well be pregnant. Edward snaps out of it and asks for the phone. He speaks with Carlisle and is informed that they need to go home and make sure. He packs up his things when the cleaning lady came. She and Edward have a conversation in Portuguese which Bella doesn't understand except for one word. She puts her hand on Bella's stomach and said "Morte" which means 'death'. Edward assures Bella that he'll get "that thing" out of her. Bella becomes upset that he wants an abortion, but she wants to keep it. (By the way, he wants the abortion because the baby is supposed to kill her). Bella then calls Rosalie for support in her need to keep the baby. They then head home. Book 2 (Jacob's Point of view): This book starts out with the pack calling a meeting that Bella has been heard to be sick and plan to wait until the Cullens do anything bad. Jacob disagrees thinking that they made her a vampire and that the truce has been broken and tells them that they should attack. He then runs to the Cullen house with the intention to attack even if he can only bring down Edward. Then, once he gets there, Bella requests to see him. At first, he actually thinks that she is actually sick because of how pale and gaunt she is, but when Bella shows him the even larger bump, Jacob becomes shocked. He sees how tortured Edward look (like a "burning man") and blames him in his thoughts. Edward, to Jacob's surprise, wants to talk to him. He takes Jacob outside to speak and tells him that the fetus is slowly killing her and rapidly growing, and Jacob asks him why he won't make her have an abortion. Edward says it is because Bella "won't let" him and that he won't force her. Edward tells Jacob convince her to get rid of the baby and even resorts to asking her to have a baby with him if what she really wants is a baby. Jacob doesn't think that it would work, but agrees to at least talk to her. They end the conversation with a deal that once Bella's heart stops beating, Jacob can kill Edward. Surely, Bella denies and Jacob runs back to the pack. The pack read his thoughts about the experience and are shocked that she is pregnant with a human-vampire hybrid. Sam sees this as a threat and then decides that they need to take action. By action, he means that they need to attack and he makes plans for who will take on whom. He also plans to kill the baby even if they may need to kill Bella to do so. Jacob strongly disagrees when they mention of this even though he is all for killing the baby. However, he is completely against killing Bella and is a bit uneasy about killing the Cullens. He finds the strength to run away despite the compelling alpha order and separates himself from the pack to go warn the Cullens. He finds out that different packs can't read each others minds. When he arrives, he finds Bella only worse and Rosalie guarding her because of others opinions on keeping the baby. The family takes precaution and Jacob offers to guard the house and warn them whenever he sees the rest of the pack. Seth soon goes after Jacob in his quest to leave the pack and join Jacob especially because of his comradeship with Edward and the rest of the Cullens. Jacob assures him that he doesn't want a pack, but just wants to make it a 'sole' job. Seth stays stubborn and Jacob gives in, letting him join in, despite his annoyance. They guard together and tell the Cullens that they will howl whenever they see an intruder. Another fact becomes known that they can now read each others minds in wolf form because they are in the same pack. Bella's health continues to spiral downward and Edward seems even more distraught. A false alarm occurs when Leah comes over to join the pack to protect from her brother becoming a "vampire chewtoy". With persuasion, Leah makes her way into the pack and becomes useful since she is the fastest of the wolves, though smallest. They all take turns sleeping and running the perimeter. When Jacob feels the need to check in on Bella, he sees how there is a cardiac monitor and tubes and that she has been moved to a bed and no longer the couch. He talks with Carlisle and Edward to get more information on Bella. Carlisle states that he needs to know what the baby is like to get to know how to save Bella, "to know what it wants". He states that if he could get some fluid from the impenetrable amniotic sac or even see the baby through it in an ultrasound scan, he might be able to know what it needs so that it wouldn't take away Bella's health. He also mentions that if he could see how many chromosomes it has (23, like a human or 25 like a vampire) he could see which breed (human or vampire) is closer to it (to see what its diet is). Jacob questions how many he has and Carlisle says that he has 24. When Jacob wonders how he knew this, Carlisle just says that he was curious and took the advantage to test his blood when he got injured in the battle with the newborns. Jacob wonders if the fetus is such a monster that it actually needs blood. When the stray thought from Jacob gets heard by Edward, Edward decides that it is a good idea if it might help Bella's health return and figures that the fetus would probably best receive it from Bella's mouth. They pitch it to Bella and she agrees that if it might help the baby, she will do it. She drinks the donated blood from the hospital and it was as if she almost seemed better instantly. Bella admits that she actually craves both the taste and smell and even likes it. Though Jacob is slightly disgusted, he is happy that Bella is better. Esme tries to be hospitable and offers him any of the rooms to sleep in, a shower, clothes, and food in return for his services. Later, Seth howls seeing some of the pack but not all of them. Paul, Quil, and Jared in his human form come to talk about rejoining the pack. Jacob talks back to Jared in his human form but emphasizes that he will not rejoin the pack even after this issue with the Cullens is over with. Jared reapproaches to Seth trying to make him feel guilty about leaving Sue all alone and even stoops down to calling Leah "Lee-Lee", a name Sam called her when they were still together. Jacob sternly tells him to stop it and that it is their decision that they needn't be forced into. When Jacob asks why Embry didn't come along, Jared says that he is no longer privy to pack business, but realizes that it is just that he would probably join his pack. Jared and Paul leave, but Quil holds behind whimpering. Jacob just says that he misses him to and to "Tell Embry I miss having you two on my flanks." Quil then leaves and Jacob goes back to the Cullen house. He sees that Esme left him clothes and puts them on, now that he has nothing to wear. Jacob notices that Bella only has a few tubes in her and that she looks a whole lot better. He also tells Edward that it was a false alarm and that they just came to talk to them. While he is there, Bella breaks another rib from the baby and Rosalie carries her upstairs to the x-ray machine. During this, he speaks with Alice who says that she keeps getting headaches by being around the fetus since she can't 'see' its future and those around it. It makes her more peaceful to be around him because his smell is the perfect antedote to the headache. He falls asleep there. The next morning, He looks around and notices that the IV is gone from Bella and she looks much better. He also notices that Seth is there eating breakfast with his arm curled around Bella. Seth said that he was only keeping Bella warm, but Jacob grew jealous anyway. Jacob nags at Seth for eating while Leah is out, even though they both know she wouldn't touch the food. Jacob decides to go hunting with Leah, and as he was leaving, Carlisle pulled him aside to discuss the vampires' hunting needs. Jacob suggests the Cullens hunt together, but Carlisle scoffs at leaving Bella behind. Jacob assures him he and his pack would protect her. Carlisle tells Jacob that he can't fight against his brothers. Carlisle reassures him he meant no disrespect. He was only stating that it would be hard for Jacob's conscience. Before Jacob could leave, he, Carlisle, Alice, and Edward discuss their hunting options. Seth tells Jacob he will be back on watch as soon as he is finished eating, and asks Bella if she needs him to keep her warm. Jacob snaps at Seth saying "[Bella's] got blankets." The chapter finishes with a conversation between Jacob and Esme. Her kindness is touching. He thinks to himself that her expression reminds him of his mom. Esme gives him a plate of food to give to Leah. Jacob thinks about getting rid of it, and then remembers that Edward can read his mind. Jacob telepathically tells Edward not to say anything to Esme about what the thought because he didn't want to hurt or offend her. She also gives him some clothes for Leah. He hurriedly ducks out of the door before he felt further obligated or guilty. Jacob talks with Bella when Rosalie is made to go get Jacob some food. He realizes that her due date, with this progression was going to be quite soon. Rosalie shaped the bowl into the shape of a dog dish: "It had once probably been a big mixing bowl, but she'd bent the bowl back in on itself until it was shaped almost exactly like a dog dish. I had to be impressed with her quick craftsmanship. And her attention to detail. She'd scratched the word Fido into the side. Excellent handwriting." Jacob gets upset when Rosalie talks about the definite possibility for death in front of Bella, not seeming to care what happened to her, as long as the baby was okay, and throws the bowl to her head. Rosalie becomes upset that he got food in her hair and throws a fit. Jacob then goes and talks with Leah from everything from imprinting to her happiness in the pack. However, Jacob becomes very upset when she says that she somewhat understands Rosalie's need for a child as she is going through it herself. He becomes infuriated and runs off to the Cullen house. Edward finds that the baby is in far enough of a stage that he can read his mind. For the first time Edward supports Bella's decision to keep the baby when he hears that the fetus likes to hear both Bella's and his own voice and that the baby loves Bella. They have a moment talking about baby names and such and Jacob feels out of place thinking that he needs to get out of here. Edward hears his thought of plea and gives him the keys to his nice car. Jacob runs off to Seattle in search to make himself imprint to get over Bella and heads to the park. Although, he finds himself comparing all of the girls to Bella's characteristics. When a friendly girl talks to him, he decides that imprinting just doesn't work this way and though she might be a nice girl, he isn't ready and goes home. Later, while Bella has a cup of blood between her legs, Bella moves up on her feet to go to the bathroom. Rosalie follows behind making sure that she doesn't fall, when the cup falls on the couch and the blood spills over. Though Rosalie and Edward were taking care of it, Bella bent over anyways and her placenta detached. Edward, Jacob, Rosalie, and Alice rush over to a room that looks like an O.R. and strip her bare and give her morphine. Rosalie tries to contact Carlisle (out for hunting with Esme, Jasper, and Emmett) to ask him what to do. The morphine doesn't go through her system fast enough and Bella screeches to get the baby out instantly. Rosalie opens up her abdomen but is compelled by the blood. Jacob attacks her and Alice pulls her out of the room. The baby kicks Bella's spine paralyzing her and Edward cuts the tough membrane with his teeth, as vampire teeth are the only thing strong enough to cut through. He gets the baby out, Bella, with hardly with any strength, reaches out to the baby. The baby ends up being a girl, Renesmee (form of Renee and Esme). Then the baby bites her breast trying to feed but Edward pulls her away. Bella then stops breathing and Jacob does CPR while Edward injects the venom to her heart and bites her in critical places like her ankles, wrists, jugular, etc. and licks the wounds to seal them. Edward takes over pounding her heart furiously to get the venom to spread. Jacob loses all hope and heavily treads downstairs. On the other side of the blood spill, is Rosalie, feeding the baby blood through a baby bottle. Jacob feels the urge to attack them both when they are in the right position but then suddenly imprints on Renesmee while upstairs comes the sound of a changing heart. Book 3 (Bella's Point of view: The same scene of her emergency c-section is replayed, but is hazy. The burn of the vampire-changing process begins and she finds out that she can't move or scream because of the morphine. Her pain lasts on and on when she finds soothing in Edward's breathing. She goes in and out of consciousness. After a while, her hearing becomes clearer and she can hear certain things going on in the home. After the burning starts leaving her feet and hands and the morphine goes away. The pain is then reduced draining her ankles and wrists, knees and elbows, until it is only in the torso. Carlisle and Alice walk into the room and Bella's hearing has improved so much that she can even hear who enters first. Carlisle says that it won't be long with her heart fluttering so fast like helicopter blades. Edward says solemnly that he must have done something wrong. Carlisle disagrees saying to listen to her heart beat and that he most certainly did something right. Later, the pain continues to just her heart leaving a burn in her throat. Then, the pain vanishes and her heart stops. Edward asks if she can hear him and then she opens her eyes. Bella becomes surprised at how clear everything is and becomes distracted by the beauty of the lint. Once she snaps out of it, Edward touches her and she is surprised at how warm it is: "Oh. Of course. Edward wouldn't feel cold to me. We were the same temperature now." She also notices Jasper and Emmett in the front as if they were guards and realizes that she's the danger. Bella hugs Edward so tightly that she actually hurts him as she forgets that she is stronger than him at the moment. They kiss and Bella realizes that it was as if she never kissed him before. She realizes that he has been holding out on her. Edward realizes that she must be very thirsty which explains the burning sensation in her throat and states that they should go hunt. Jasper is very surprised that she isn't savage or too eager to hunt (from previous experiences he realizes that she's different). Bella wanted to see Renesmee, but Edward says that it would be best if they hunt first. Alice then brings a mirror to the room to let Bella get a good look at her new self because "Edward gave me grief for not getting you to a mirror before the wedding. I'm not going to be chewed out again." She looks at unfamiliar, dazzling face and is frightened by the terrifying eyes, but is glad when she finds a flaw that her upper lip is still 'a bit too full to match the lower'. Edward mentions that he thought that now that Bella was vampire, he could hear what she was thinking but is frustrated that it isn't so. Bella just replies "I guess my brain will never work right. At least I'm pretty.", but Edward says, "Bella, you have neverbeen merely pretty." ~The typing is taking me a while. To be continued.~

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the wedding of edward and Bella

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Q: What is the novel Breaking Dawn about?
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