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There are a lot of them! But the ones that mostly are shown are Damon, Kathrine, Stefan, Caroline, Elijah, and Rose.But a fewer more episodes later Rose is killed by Damon because she gets bitten by Jewels (she is a werewolve).And in the same season Elijah was killed by his half-brother Klaus!Oh and Stefan has to be Klaus's like salve just to get his brother Klaus's blood to get rid of the wolve bite.

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Tanya<333♥ (: ---- ''Hey I'm Tanya, I have sex with humans....then I eat them''

That would be on her bio page....

I luv Tanya!

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kate, garret, carmen, eleazer and tanya

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Q: What is the name of the vampire girl from Denali coven who likes edward from twilight?
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What vampire from the Denali coven like edward?

The vampire from the Denali coven that liked Edward was named Tanya.

What vampire girl from the Denali coven likes edward?

The vampire girl from the Denali coven who likes Edward is Tanya. She develops feelings for Edward but eventually accepts that he is in love with Bella.

Name all of the vampire clans mentioned in The Twilight Saga?

The Amazon coven The Denali Coven The Egyptian Coven The Irish Coven The Olympic Coven The Romanian Coven The Volturi Coven

What is name of vampire girl form Denali coven who pretty much likes edward?


Who is Sasha in twilight?

Sasha is the mother in the Denali coven, but the Volturi killed her for creating a vampire child which is illegal.

Where is the Denali Coven in 'Twilight'?

In Alaska

What is the name of the vampire girl from the Denali Coven, who pretty much likes Edward?

Type your answer here... Tanya

What is the name of the vampire coven in Alaska?

The vampire coven in Alaska is called the Denali coven. It is led by the sisters Tanya, Kate, and Irina.

Who is Kate in twilight?

Kate is a vampire in the Twilight series who has the ability to produce and control an electric current. She is a member of the Denali coven, which is a vegetarian vampire coven that survives on animal blood rather than human blood. Kate plays a minor role in the series but is known for her loyalty to her family and her fierce combat skills.

Does Edward Cullen die in breaking dawn?

No, the only vampire who dies in breaking dawn is irina from the Denali coven

What book did edward go to Denali?

Edward goes to Denali in the book &quot;Breaking Dawn,&quot; which is the fourth book in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. He visits the Denali coven to seek their help in protecting his family from the Volturi.

Who is Edi Gathegi in twilight?

Edi Gathegi plays the character Laurent in the Twilight series. Laurent is a vampire and a member of the Denali coven who initially poses a threat to Bella and the Cullens but later allies with them against a common enemy.