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Bertha Butt Boogie

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Q: What is the name of the song with the lyrics Bertha Butt in it?
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i said what what in the buttX4 you want to do it in my butt? in my buttX2 lets do it in my butt ok i feel you watching me over there come to me if you dare dont say i didnt stare its just not fair i'll make your move if you dare what what i said what what in the buttX4 you want to do it in my butt? in my butt X3 lets do it in the butt ok its ok if you have a little fright dont you worry i wont bite ( not that hard) you know you want it i'll give you power just be gentle im delicate like a flower i said what what in the buttX4 you want to do it in my butt? in my butt X3 lets do it in the butt ok i will gaive you what you need all i need is a little back something and this song is sooo f***ing annoying so im not answering this anymore

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