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Sixth Sense??? with Bruce Willis...;)

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Q: What is the name of the movie that a guy dies and his ghost has to solve his own murer?
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What is the main message in the Movie Ghost 1990?

Love Never Dies

What is the Disney movie called where the teenager's dad dies and they think he's a ghost and later the teen and their friend help ghost's cross over?

ghost dad

Is ghost and the goth a movie?

Ghost and The Goth is a book by Stacey Kade about a popular girl in high school who dies and becomes a ghost, and only outcast Will Killian can see her. Many fans would like it to become a movie though...

What is the name of the movie in which there is a serial killer who dies and goes into the computers where he continues to kill the people on his list?

Ghost in the machine

What is the name of the movie where a man is in a house and there is a ghost that dies the same way every night?

not to mean but that is a stupid question

What is the movie where a girl dies that is engaged to be married then comes back as a ghost to stop him from dating?

i know this one....uhm. its stupid. dont watch it

Was the famous pottery love scene of the movie Ghost before or after Sam dies?

It takes place after. It's not really a 'love' scene persay, more an 'erotic' one. Demi Moore's character is using a pottery wheel, and Patrick Swayze as a ghost guides her hands from behind. >> It actually takes part before Sam dies, at the begining of the movie. It's after he dies that he entered the Mediums body and we saw them kiss.

Why is a ghost red in sims 2?

When a sim dies from fire their ghost is red.

What is the Disney movie where the teen girl's dad dies and she and her friend help ghosts cross to the other side?

I think it might be Casper The Friendly Ghost.

Who dies in ghost whisperer season 4?


What happens to Jim Clancy in Ghost whisperer?

He dies

Does megatron die in transformers?

First movie - Dies Second movie - He is resurrected, does not die Third movie - Dies