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The Man in the Moon?

With Reese Witherspoon

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Q: What is the name of the movie of Teen romance where boy dies in farm accident?
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What was a movie on lifetime about a teen basketball player who has an accident on the court and goes into a coma?

It could have been 6 Man, if the guy who falls into the coma dies then it was probably 6 Man.

Is there a movie where a father dies in a car accident?

the answer is Disturbia

Movie starts with car accident son driving father dies?

"Disturbia" with Shia LeBouf

What is the name of the movie where a teen dies in a roller coaster?

Most likely you are talking about Final Destination 3.

How many minutes pass before a teen dies from an alcohol or drug related accident?

there's no way to know . no ones the same so it could be different . and there's no way to predict that the drugged or drunk teen will die from the accident no its been tested it takes 5minets and 37 seconds coming from some one who cant spell minutes.....

What is the movie with chris rock play in where he dies by accident and he is aloud to come back as a old white man?

Down to earth (2001)

What is the Disney movie where the teen girl's dad dies and she and her friend help ghosts cross to the other side?

I think it might be Casper The Friendly Ghost.

What is the movie where a teen gets beat up left for dead goes to school no one can see him and they must find his body before he dies?

the invisible

What is the name of the old movie where a young girls falls off her horse and her father wont let her ride any more?

There is a movie called Virginia's Run where the mother dies in a freak riding accident and the father won't let Virginia ride any more.Blue Fire Lady is also about a girl whose mother dies in a horse related accident.

What is the Disney movie called where the teenager's dad dies and they think he's a ghost and later the teen and their friend help ghost's cross over?

ghost dad

Whats the name of the movie where a high school couple is on a way to the school dance but they get in a car accident on the way n the girl dies and comes back and haunts the boy its an older movie?

Susie Q!!

Who dies in the rafter accident on neighbors?

it is Bridget she suffers post natal depression and has a fatal accident