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Q: What is the name of the health tonic Lucy Ricardo got drunk on while doing a commercial?
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What is health risk advice?

health risk advice is when someone smoke and they get drunk . people get drunk because of the alkohol

Can being drunk effect your emotional health?

yes it can!

If a woman was extremely drunk and cheated on her boyfriend does it count as intended infidelity?

Sure does. She did it and she knew she was doing it, no matter if drunk or not.

What happens when a drunk no longer drinks?

Health and life improve.

When is a person intoxicated?

An intoxicated person is someone who has drunk too much alcohol, and is drunk. Probably staggering about, unsure of where or what he or she is doing.

Who sings the song in the miller 64 commercial with the girl in the yellow bikini?

The drunk Scotsman

Why is not good to drive drunk?

It's illegal and it's dangerous to life and health.

Why did Jeff hardy do drugs?

because he was drunk and his friends where doing drugs and they made him do it

Why did chris brown hit on Rihanna?

He was drunk that night and didn't know what he was doing.

What is so bad about being drunk?

Being drunk is bad not only are you putting your health at risk but you are putting others at risk due to actions you may do because of loss of self control. Drunk driving would be terrible.

Was Whale actually drunk when he was doing surgery on Greg on Once Upon a Time?


Is it legal to get an animal drunk?

what are u doing drinking with an animal u sick freak