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Selena Gomez Forever

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Q: What is the name of Selena gomez fan club?
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Where can you find pictures of Selena?

facebook myspace Selena Gomez fan club that's about it

Selena Gomez last name?

The Tejano singer who was killed in 1995? Her full name was Selena Quintanilla-Perez. She's who the other Selena is named after. If you are talking about the Selena from Disney Channel that stars in Wizards of Waverly Place as Alex Russo's last name is Selena Gomez.

How do you get in a fan club for Selena Gomez?

start liking justin.loving her song

Does Selena gomez have a YUNiTi page?

There is a fan club page on YUNiTi for Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez but i dont think that Selena Gomez has a Personal YUNiTi Page. Hope this Helps!

What is Selena gomez fan base?

if you are a selena gomez fan you may go on it

What is Selena Gomez fan club?

I am a excellent singer but want to make it big, how do I go about doing this?

What age do you have to be to join Selena Gomez's fan club?

no age limit, sign up on her website

Did Selena Gomez die?

Selena did not die! No a different Selena did die after she was shot but the head of her fan club I think it was but that was over 10ys ago I think

What is Selena Gomez's name on roiworld?

Well, I am a fan of roiworld and I hopefully think that Selena's name on roiworld is SelenaMarieGomezz

What does Selena Gomez puffer in a fan mail letter dear Selena Gomez or dear Selena?

dear Selena Gomez and dear Selena

Where does Selena Gomez go writes some of her fan mail?

Selena gomez writes her fan emails on twitter

Hey Selena Gomez you are a HUGE fan you wanted to know what its like to be famous?

sincerly. Selena Gomez sincerly. Selena Gomez