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Isabella mostly :-)

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Q: What is the name Bella short for?
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Is there a name that is Bella?

it is short for isabella.

Why is Bella named Bella Swan?

She was named Isabella becaues that's the name Stephenie Meyer was saving for her daughter.

What does the name Bella mean?

The name Bella means 'my God is a vow' also it means beautiful The name Bella normally means "beautiful" in Italian. It can also mean "lovely" or "fair" and is usually short for Isabel, or Isabella.

Where does the name Bella come from?

It's short for Isabella. Stephenie Meyer named the character Bella because it was the name that she was going to call her daughter, but because she never had a daughter, she decided to give the name to her Twilight character.

What did Bella name the kid?

renesmee. pronounced re-nez-may.nessie 4 short.

Who is that short redhead who plays cece Jones on shake it up and Avalon greene in frenemies?

Her name is Bella Thorne. And she's not that short

What did Stephenie Meyer name Bella and edward's kid?

Renesmee Carlie Cullen, Nessie for short.

What is the name of Bella's baby with Edward?

Renesmee, Its a conbination of Bella's mum (Rene) and Edwards 'Adopted' vampire mum Esme. It is also cut short to Nessie, By Jacob.

What is Bella's grandmother's name?

Bella's grandmother's name is Renée.

What would be a good name to go along with the name Bella?

Bella- Sara Bella-marie Bella-maria Bella-louise Bella-Kate Bella-michela

What is the birth name of Bella Spewack?

Bella Spewack's birth name is Cohen, Bella.

What is the birth name of Gianni Bella?

Gianni Bella's birth name is Giovanni Bella.