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Apparently (from what a rep told me) it is some proprietary piece...I am looking for it as well...Let me know slim

Is it the Carolina liar Show me what I'm looking for?

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The song is "Do You Realize???" by The Flaming Lips. Love that song~

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Do You Realize by The Flaming Lips

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Q: What is the music used by Merill Lynch in their new commercials?
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Is there a list of songs used in target commercials?

No. Music used in commercials is usually created just for that purpose - no soundtracks are ever cut or sold, but the music is copyrighted.

What is the theme music from the accelerate your life commercials for the US Navy?

The commercials feature music from Godsmack. The tracks used are the intro's to "Awake" and "Sick of Life"

Where did the background music for the Goldwater law firm commercials come from?

The exact source of the background music used in Goldwater law firm commercials is not publicly available information. It is likely that the music was either created specifically for the commercials or licensed from a music library.

What types of music is used for car commercials?

In car commercials the music is often dependant on the car being featured. For example if the commercial is about a truck, and they are mudding, country music would likely be featured.

Piano music in the chantix commercials?

The piano music used in the Chantix commercials is a gentle and soothing instrumental piece. It is designed to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere, potentially helping to convey a sense of relaxation and well-being to the viewers. The purpose of the music is to complement the message of the commercial and add an emotional element to the advertisement.

What band plays the music in the Travelers Insurance commercials?

The instruments used are drums, bass, piano and violin

What is the piece of Cello music used in the Chase commercials?

prelude to a bach concerto its very commonly played, almost every cellist will play it in their career..................

What is the song used in the new Banner Bank commercial is it Megafaun?

The music was created specifically for Banner Bank's commercials which was produced by "Glenn Sound" in Seattle, WA.

How and where are Pachelbel's major compositions used?

Pachelbel's most famous/popular piece is the "Canon in D" and is often used as background music in commercials, film scores and at weddings. He was an organist and many other pieces are commonly used at teaching pieces introductory to Bach and as church service music.

Was mozar'ts music used in the sound of music?

Unless there was some incidental religious music in the convent chapel, or so, all of the music used in the play was (with one possible exception, the Folk song Edelweiss) was composed specifically for S O M. This has a sort of phony ring like a string of television commercials, even in the masterly hands of Rodgers and Hammerstein.

Why is music able to bring communities together?

Music is generally associated with objects like films and commercials. Music helps improve the mood of a film or a commercial. It is used on websites to attract customers. Music is used to create a certain environment. Music can help in uplifting or depressing the mood of any situation. In a noisy market place music can get the attention of the customers. Music is used to communicate a brand. Music is an important tool in advertising and marketing.

What is the name of the song being used in an advert on itv and did glen Campbell sing it?

There are several songs that are used in advertisements that have been hits in the country music business. One song, 'Galveston' is used in commercials and it was sung by Glen Campbell.