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No. Music used in commercials is usually created just for that purpose - no soundtracks are ever cut or sold, but the music is copyrighted.

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Q: Is there a list of songs used in target commercials?
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What is the name of the song in the Target commercial promoting Green for Summer 2006?

You can find many, many of the songs used in commercials/ads at

What holiday songs have been used in commercials?

jingle bells

What songs have been used in apple computer commercials?

Lenka - The Show :)

Was baby elephant walking use for a tv theme song?

Baby Elephant Walk is not in Wikipedia's list of TV theme songs (although commercials have used it to death).

What songs has Lexus used in its commercials?

save it for the dark times by Norway gone ( great band)

Who appears as the lady in red in the Target commercials?

Target has not released credits for their models. At this time none of the girls in red pants they have used in commercials names are known.

What are the songs used in the latest slate of commercials for the FX Network show Rescue Me?

"You Give Me Something" by James Morrison

What song is used in vevo's commercial on youtube?

Vevo has many commercials on YouTube with numerous songs they've used. Songs used have included Lady Gaga's Bad Romance and songs by My Morning Jacket. To find a specific song, more information would be needed about the song and commercial.

Can a target coupon be used at Walmart?

Walmart has a company policy of matching competitors prices. This policy has even been used as a marketing tool in several of their latest back-to-school commercials. They should accept Target coupons without any trouble.

Did Katy Perry used to sing in commercials?

I don't think she did. Katy Perry sings and records her songs but I've never, ever seen Katy Perry sing on commercials, sorry. If she did, the commercial would be old by now.

What sort of items are Target coupons good for?

Target coupons can sometimes be used on any merchandise or sometimes they can be used for only certain things. The coupons will list which items they are good for.

What is the song used in the heineken commercial?

Heineken uses quite a bit of songs for their commercials. Some songs that were featured include "The Golden Age" by the Asteroids Galaxy Tour and "Jaan Pechechaan Ho" by Mohammad Raif.