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Who was the founder of Motown

The black soul anthem Say It Loud you are Black and you are Proud was written by which of the following artists

Berry Gordy Jr had a unique approach to artist promotion Which of the following statements best describes his method

What combination of instruments was used in early blues music

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Q: What is the most popular kids band?
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What was the most popular boy band of the 1980's?

The New Kids on the Block was the most popular boy band of the 1980's. They were the were the reason the phrase "boy band" was coined. The most popular boy band ever was The Backstreet Boys.

Who was the most popular band in the world in the 1960s?

the beatles were the most popular band

Do fewer kids play musical instruments than in years past?

Yes! The majority of high school students are not in band. Back then everyone was in band. You were a weirdo or dork if you weren't in band but now the people who are in band usually the smarter ones and aren't generally the most popular kids.

What is the most popluar band in Germany?

Tokio Hotel is the most popular band.

Worlds most popular band?

The Happy Monster Band

What band is most popular?

The Beatles

What is the most popular tv show now for kids?

What is the most popular Disney Channel show for kids.

Who is the most popular band?

That's the 2nd most popular the most Popular band is The Drama Queen Cousins Some of the most popular Christian bands are: Skillet tobyMac Casting Crowns Third Day

What is the most popular music band ever?

the most popular music band i think is green day or things like that. that is what i think.

What is the most popular TV channel for kids?

The most popular kids TV channels are Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.

Is one direction a popular band?

One Direction is considered the most famous/popular band in the world.

What was the most popular band in the 1980s?

AC/DC and U2 were probably the most popular.

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