Why do people think music influences teenagers?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Because teenagers are young and impressionable. Especially female teenagers. Most women in general follow the crowd and other women for that matter. Young men follow the young women so teenagers general follow the same wave length. To answer you question I'll put it like this. Young girls listen to the bad music because it's bad and it's wrong. Therefor it seems exciting. The young guys listen to it because they want to be like those groups and act like they're bad so they can attract girls in their own age group. Don't be fooled. The bad boy image always works. People want what they can't have.

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Q: Why do people think music influences teenagers?
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Why do you think people want to be fashionable and what do you think influences them?

Because people feel the need to conform and impress their peers. this applies particularly to teenagers. They're influenced by their friends, culture, religion, experiences and environments.

Heya just want to find out What influences a teenagers religious beliefs thanks?

I think parents influence a teenagers beliefs the most of anything

Why do some people think teenagers make the best parents?

Well, teenagers with kids think so. And uh, that's about it.

Why should you be careful by the choice of music you listen to?

Mainly because music really influences a person and how they think or see things.

Why doesn't BBC Radio 1 play chart music after 7pm?

As not all teenagers like chart music they feel the need to put alternative genres on after 7pm, however the main aim of 6 Music and 1Xtra are to do this, i think its because its the only analogue radio station aimed at teenagers and not all teenagers have DAB radio available

Some have said that music not only entertains people but also influences their thinking and behavior To what extent do you think music has the power to influence as well as to entertain people?

Scale from 1 to 10= 3 Some more than others. Final Fantasy 7 = 9

Who do Teenagers hang out with?

friends, boyfirend/girlfriend, people they think are cool

Why do teenagers listen to weird music?

Because they think that it will block out the sounds around them

What music influences people?

AnswerIn my opinion that entirely depends on the person. I know many people who are greatly inspired/ influenced by classical music where to others it is meaningless. It's a matter of opinion. AnswerAny kind of music! This is a completely subjective question. You could ask 100 different people and get 100 different answers. Depends on the person, their personality, their family/friend influences, their IQ, even gender or nationality/geography, or whatever mood they happen to be in on any given day.Also depends on how you are trying to influence them. Or what you are trying to influence them to do. Will heavy metal make them sleep? Will classical make them want to throw a keg party? Will rap make them cry? Will John Denver make them violent? Will Black Sabbath make them want to pray? Probably no to all of these questions.....but I think you get the point by now.AnswerAll music influences people!! However, different types of music influence them in different ways. Also, each person is influenced differently by it. People don't realize how important music can be. They are too worried about, "oh is it safe to listen to?" I think the amount of teenagers influenced by sex music are one in a billion. Kids need music.Answer"Music soothes the savage beast", while actually a misquote, is so true: Plants and animals respond in various ways to music of various types, as do we.

Why do so many teenagers like rap?

because some of them think the music is real and some of them can relate to what the raps are talking about

What do you think influences a young persons taste music?

* It has to be a catchy melody and rythm * A message * cool artist * what your friends listen to

What is the target audience for hip hop music?

Michael's music was aimed at all sorts of people. For example the Earth Song and Heal The World are aimed at everybody so that we could look after the world better. D.S. was aimed at a man called Tom Sneddon and Scream, Leave Me Alone and Privacy are aimed at the press to ask them to back off.