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Sad, caring and romantic.

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Q: What is the mood of the song Hey there Delilah?
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Is hey there Delilah a ballet song?


Hey hey who sings this song?

Well "Hey,Hey,hey" Is "Good Bye" By Kristina Debarge. Hope this is the song you were talking about.

What's song in Spanish that has hey hey hey hey in chorus?

It can be Avril singing in Spanish i guess in her song "girlfriend"

What is the song on the opening credits of dynamo magician impossible?

Delilah - Breathe (sub zero remix) new Delilah - Breathe (Emalkay Remix)

Hey There Delilah- Tim Hawkins?

YES! it is sung by Tim Hawkins. He is a Christian comedian and his version is a spoof in the real thing. he makes it go with the story in the Bible, Samson and Delilah. PS it was not originally sung by Tim, or the plain white ts either. it's a beatles song. Lyrycs: HEY THERE, DELILAH Words by Tim Hawkins Hey there, Delilah This is your ex-boyfriend Samson I know you thought that lifting weights was what wade me so buff and handsome You were wrong It's cause I let my hair grow long That made me strong Hey there, Delilah You came in while I was sleeping And I couldn't feel you cutting And I didn't hear you creeping out the door You left my hair piled on the floor While I just snored. Oh, it's what you do to me Oh, while I was asleep Oh, I'm a Nazarene Oh, but you shaved me clean Delilah you're so mean I killed a lion, big and mean And slaughtered many Philistines all with a donkey's jawbone that's no lie Now I'm chained up to the wall And I can't cry no tears at all Because they came and gouged out both my eyes. Why'd you grab your clipping shears And shave my head like Britney Spears? And now I'm standing here in total shame You're to blame Hey there, Delilah why did you have to deceive me And it's hard for me to think not long ago I wanted you to be my bride But you took too much off the sides Hey there, Delilah when you die Just tell the Devil I said, "Hi," he'll know why Oh, it's what you did to me, Oh, now I'm up a creek. Oh, now I feel so weak. And oh, I look like a freak. Delilah, you're a geek. Oh, oh, oh

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What song did Louis sing on his first audition for The X Factor?

hey there delilah

What song did Louis sing at the x factor?

He sang " Hey there Delilah "

Is hey there Delilah a ballet song?


What is Tom Higgenson's inspiration?

it was his former gf delilah who inspired the song "hey there delilah"

What song did Louis Tomlinson sing for his audition on the x-factor?

Louis sang hey there delilah by the plain white t's

Why is the song Hey There Delilah if toms not dating a delilah?

Because he met a girl in NY and he promised he'd write a song for her.

What is a song that involves talking to the girl you love?

hey there Delilah. good song to.

What was the plain white t's first song?

It was Hey there Delilah

What song did Louis sing for his audition?

Hey There Delilah by Plain White T's :)

Who is delilah in hey there delilah?

Delilah is Delilah DiCrescenzo, a steeplechase runner who lead singer Tom Higgenson met through a friend. In an interview with USA Today, Higgenson said: "I thought she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I told her, 'I have a song about you already.' Obviously, there was no song. But I thought it was smooth."Higgenson didn't get the girl, as Delilah was dating somebody and wasn't interested.

Did John Denver sing hey there delilah?

No, John Denver did not sing Hey There Delilah. The Plain White T's released that song in 2005. John Denver died in 1997. Tom Jones had a 1968 single entitled simply Delilah, but John Denver never sang that song either.

When was Hey There Delilah created?

Hey There Delilah was created on 2006-05-09.