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Q: What is the milky bar kids horse name?
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What was the name of the milky bar kids horse?


Which candy bar shares a name with your galaxy?

There are two I can think of that you might be referring to: 1) Galaxy which is distributed by the Mars confectionery company . 2) Milky way which is also distributed by the Mars confectionery company.

Does the milky way candy bar have anything to do with the name of the milky way galaxy?

Yes, the Milky Way candy bar was named after the Milky Way galaxy due to its smooth and creamy texture, reminiscent of the galactic swirls of our galaxy.

Why is the Milky Way bar called the Milky Way bar?

Its called the milky way because it was taken from a famous malted milkshake.

Where did mars bar get its name?

from the family horse

What is forever yours candy bar?

When first introduced in 1923 by Mars, the Milky Way candy bar came in two varieties, one of which was called Vanilla Milky Way. It consisted of dark chocolate, vanilla nougat and caramel. The name was changed to Forerver Yours in 1936. Mars discountinued Forever Yours in 1979. It was reintroduced in 1989 as Milky Way Dark. The current name for this candy bar is Milky Way Midnight.

In 1923 frank c mars created a candy bar that remains a favorite today what is the name of this candy bar?

Milky way

Was there a girl milky bar kid?

Yes her name is maddie bbennett, she lives in England and she is solid!

How do you say Milky Way in French?

Milky Way is translated 'la voie lactée' in French. The chocolate bar's name isn't translated.

Where did snickers come from?

Snickers was the name of the Mars family horse. When that horse died they named a candy bar after it. Snickers was the name of the Mars family horse. When that horse died they named a candy bar after it.

What does bar stand for in horses names?

In the Quarter Horse breed, a horse that has "Bar" in the name is usually descended from the stallion Doc Bar, who was very influential in the quarter horse breed. Alternately, Doc Bar's sire was Three Bars, who was also very popular. Breeds that are commonly cross bred with Quarter Horses, such as the Paint Horse and the Appaloosa, frequently have "Bar" in the name for the same reason.

When was Milky Way invented?

The MILKY WAY® Bar, Mar's Inc's first candy bar, was invented in 1923.