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Actually one of the things I love about incubus is they don't like giving out meanings behind their songs. they wanted their listeners to the ones who give meaning to their songs. But if you ask me, stellar is just plainly about sex. Go ahead and listen to it again and think about it. I promise you'll see what I mean. -i just quoted one of their songs Pantomime

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Q: What is the meaning of the song stellar by incubus?
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When was Drive - Incubus song - created?

Drive - Incubus song - was created in 1999-05.

When was Megalomaniac - Incubus song - created?

Megalomaniac - Incubus song - was created in 2003-10.

What is the meaning of Incubus song Pardon Me?

The whole song revolves around Spontaneous Combustion and Brandon Boyd "Bursting into flames"

When was Love Hurts - Incubus song - created?

Love Hurts - Incubus song - was created in 2008-10.

When was Wish You Were Here - Incubus song - created?

Wish You Were Here - Incubus song - was created on 2001-08-21.

When was Stellar - song - created?

Stellar - song - was created in 1999-05.

What is the name of an Incubus song?

"Nice to Know You"

Which of these titles is a song by incubus?

Oil and water

What is the name of the Incubus song with the words 'Whatever tomorrow brings I will be there'?

The song is "Drive".

Incubus had a huge hit with a song that shares its title with which Cars song?


Who is the girl in music video by incubus?

Depends on which music video; in "Stellar", the girl was Brandon Boyd's girlfriend at the time. I don't recall her name, though. Well I'm guessing on incubus warning it is Florence.It depends on what video you talking about.

Did incubus sing a song called oil and water?