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In chat language 'LOLZ' means the same as 'LOLs' (Laughs Out Loud) but the S at the end of 'LOLs' has been replaced by a Z so it becomes 'LOLZ'.

Basicly it means a lot of laughing. :)

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Q: What is the meaning of lolz in chat?
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make an ccount on facebook and add her as a friend then you can chat lolz

The meaning of chat?

The meaning of chat is a place where you can talk to other people online

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What is the meaning of let's break night?

I saw a movie where a character said this to a girl and i had no idea what he was talking about. Lolz So i looked up the saying and i found out that it means to stay up all night. Go figure I thought it had a much deeper meaning an that was all i got. Lolz Hopefully this helped you out. :)

What is the explanation for lolZ?

Lolz is another way of saying ''lol''

What is the meaning of the French word causon?

It means chat

Who invented the word lolz?

The word "lolz" is thought to have originated in online chat rooms and social media platforms as a playful variation of "lol," which stands for "laugh out loud." It is difficult to pinpoint one specific individual who invented the term as internet slang often develops organically through collective usage and adaptation.

What dose lolz stand for?

becus iz r lolz roflmao LOLZ means... laughing out loud zebraz

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Of course the cool of the dog! lolz Of course the cool of the dog! lolz

What is the meaning of the word chatear?

In Portuguese, chatear is a verb meaning to pester or upset. It is synonymous with the words pester and annoy. However, in Spanish, the word means to chat. Specifically, it means to chat on the internet.

What is the word origin for the word chat?

"Chat" is a shortened form of the word "chatter" which is from a middle English word meaning "to talk rapidly".

What is the meaning of nattering?

Chattering or gossiping.