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You cant schedule to private chat with Miley Cyrus, you have to wait until she comes on mileyworld and goes in a chat room. She hardly goes in the chat rooms so good luck seeing the user name mileycyrus in red in the chat rooms.

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Q: How can you schedule private chat with Miley on Mileyworld?
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Where can you talk to Miley Cyrus?

You can talk to Miley Cyrus at Subsciptions only $29.99 a month.she has a SayNow number to talk to her fans on.. but she doesn't have an aim i think her sisters do though

What is regarded as the first Internet chat room?

Music SP and were two of the first ever Internet Chat Room Sites. Both sites had different rooms that allowed people with different interests to chat. These sites were also the first to have what is called threads, and they were also the first sites to feature private user owned chat rooms.

Where you can video chat with Miley Cyrus in a free place?

Turn on the TV show and talk to the screen. Hannah Montana is not a real person, so you can't "talk to" her, for free or otherwise.

How can you get in contact with Miley Cyrus?

There are three main ways to contact Miley Cyrus: email, Website and Post. Miley Cyrus has no official personal E-mail address. Fans are welcome E-mail the fun-club address: fanclub@mileycyrus.comYou can visit Miley's official website: http://www.mileycyrus.comFans are welcome to write to her fanmail address: Miley CyrusP.O. Box 1459Santa Monica, CA 90406 You will need to include a self stamped addressed envelope if you wish to receive a reply.The personal cell phone, home phone numbers, home addresses and email addresses of celebrities, singers, bands, actors, and models are not made available to the general public for privacy and safety concerns.Celebrity contact information can be obtained through their publicists. They don't share their personal contact information with the public. If their real email or cell phone number became known, it would be changed immediately.

Who is more talented Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez?

It depends on people's opinions. So, if people like Miley better, than they probably think Miley Cyrus is hotter than Selena Gomez. But, if people like Selena Gomez better, then it the opposite. Selena Gomez is wayyy hotter! Selena Gomez is a bit prettier in the face but Miley Cyrus has a way better body, but i would say Miley because she doesn't look like she's 12. Yea Selena is prettier, but miley does look a little older. but i would still say Selena because that just means theres more to come. and Selena has a way better reputation and a hotter body.

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How do you chat with Miley Cyrus?

You could chat with her on, MileyWorld, Twitter, and MySpace :)

What does a member of mileyworld do?

A member of MileyWorld gets a member pack and gets to use cool features on These features include: MileyWorld chat rooms-chat about all things Miley and tons more, exclusive videos Miley has personally recorded, updates, news, blogs and tons more!

Does miley have any other chat website besides mileyworld or MySpace?

youtube and

Is there another way to chat with Miley Cyrus without miley world?

Yes, texting her on the phone just get her aim on mileyworld first.

How can you chat with Hannah Montana what is her website?

Well, there is a website called MileyWorld, and Miley has her own account on it and she sometimes comes on the chats.

Hey Miley what do I need to de so I can chat with you but for FREE?

well,you need to pay to be on mileyworld where you can chat to miley,it cost $29.99 but don't hold your hopes up she is very busy and she wont come very often.

How do you chat Miley Cyrus?

its easy if you have aim add wendyisbeast its really miles.. shes always on her phone so it will go to her cell

Can you please give me your mileyworld username and password i know miley i have her email id and i will give it to the person who gives me their username and password for mileyworld which is working?

hi thnks for her email i know you we live in the same building i am soooo happy that u gave me miley's email and it is very very ture i chat with her sometimes but norally she is busy

How can you chat with noah Cyrus on the internet?

Mileyworld she sometimes goes on TishCyrus

How can you find and enter the miley world chat?

You have to sign up, but by doing this you must pay 30 dollars. Then you will have access to all mileyworld areas and you will get a cool welcome package in the mail.

Can you chat with Miley Cyrus and she chat back?

yes she can

What comes in your mileyworld package 2012?

They stopped the gifts u just get membership to play games &chat etc