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I think that its about Ronnie because I'm pretty sure he wrote it. He started makings this album with Craig right after he got kicked out whether you think so or not.

"I cant believe, the drama that I'm in

The flood is getting closer, i don't think they know that I know how to swim

You're feeling numb, from all that has become

It leaves your gums, slips down your tongue

And travels fast down towards your lungs

All because I'm leaving you behind"

It is talking about all of the troubles that Ronnie is in and the line "i don't think they know i know how to swim" means that they don't know but he can handle all of the consequences for the things hes done.

"I feel the pressure

Its coming down on me

Its turning me black and blue


You left me on the side of the road

And now I've got no place to go

You brought the flood"

Now maybe he realized that he needs help and that the rest of escape the fate just "left him on the side of the road" meaning they left him behind without helping him through his problems.

"I cant believe, the troubles that you've caused

The pain is getting stronger

Like an open wound without the gauze

Its on my brain, driving me insane

Its on my mind all of the time

And if it left I would be fine

All because I'm leaving you behind"

I think this has to do with the whole fight that started because of Max's problems (although it wasn't Max's fault).Now hes suffering and in the end says hes leaving escape the fate behind.

"Leave it be

Take it back take it back

Leave it be

Take it back, take it back

Leave it be"

He doesnt know now whether to leave them behind ("leave it be")or to go back and say sorry( "take it back").

My 2 cents (or maybe quite a bit more :P)

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I think it's about someone that did something really bad to someone else and he can't face them because he's really guilty about it, yet he feels sorry for himself.

There could be many meanings to the song though, but that's what I believe it's about.

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It has not been confirmed. However, many people think that it sounds a whole lot like it's about Halo.

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Q: What is the meaning of escape the fate song your apocalypse?
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