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The song was written by Craig Mabbitt who had a history of a girl cheating on him and wanting him back after he won some type of competition. The song explains what he was feeling and is pretty much his history with a girl he loved! Poor guy

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Q: What is the song something by escape the fate mean?
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Who Sings the song The Flood by Escape the Fate?

Uh. Escape the fate?

What does the song not good enought by escape the fate mean?

Its like a Romeo and Juliet theme.

Who sang the song makeup?

escape the fate (:

What escape the fate song is about a video game?

The guillotine :]

What is Escape the fate theres no sympathy for the dead?

There's no Sympathy for the dead is a song by Escape The Fate.

What is Escape The Fate's first song?

not good enough for the truth or cliche

What is etfs most popular song?

the most popular song ever by escape the fate is ISSUES

What does the song on to the next one mean?

ESCAPE THE FATE'S ON TO THE NEXT ONE? it means he's done with the person he's with and he's on to the next person to date.

What is a good motivating song for teenagers?

Anything by Escape The Fate.. But that's just my poinion..

In the song not good enough by escape the fate what are they drinking?

wine and its not good enough for the truth in cliche

Who sung for escape the fate in the flood video?

Craig Mabbitt. But Ronnie Radke wrote the song.

What is the meaning of the escape the fate song chariot of fire?

that question will have to be asked my friend natasha i will get back to you