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the legar line

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a leger line.

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Q: What is the line through middle c called?
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The line through middle c is called?

The line through middle C is referred to as a ledger. Alternating notes that fall below C will contain another ledger line. The purpose is to let musicians know how much lower than E they are getting.

How do you find middle c in alto clef?

Alto clef actually indicates the position of middle C. Whatever line goes through the center of the clef is C.

Is the middle line of the alto clef always middle c?

yes, the middle line of the alto clef is a c

How many lines on a staff bar?

There are three notes between the bass and treble staves. The D is placed just below the bottom line of the treble staff. The note below that is middle C. This note is written with a line through it called a ledger line. Below middle C is the note B. The B is placed just above the top line of the bass staff.

When the notes are F E D A G and middle C and there's a curved line over the notes what is it called?

That's called a Slur

What is middle c called middle c?

sorry but its quite obvious ........... because its a note c and its in the middle

Where is Middle C on treble clef staff?

You need to draw a small supplementary line below the staff. Then the middle C will be right on top of it.

What is the C nearest the center of a piano keyboard called?

middle c

What is the pitch on the implied line between the treble and the bass staff?

Middle CMiddle C

In the bass clef the second leger line above the staff is what?

It is B Edit: Top line of Bass Clef is A. One ledger line above the bass clef would be C. (Middle C if you were reading piano grand staff). The second ledger line would be E. The second ledger line above the staff in bass clef is E. Not B.

Why is middle c called middle c?

Because its almost in the centre (middle) of all the keys and the note is a c =)

What is the c with a line through it called?

it's just the symbols for "cent", like how $ is the symbol for "dollar"