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Flo is her name in the commercials, her real name is Stephanie Courtney and she is a senior member of the improve group the groundlings in los angeles.

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Q: What is the girls name in the Progressive Car Insurance commercials?
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What is Progressive Insurance's Flo real name?

The actress who portrays Flo in Progressive Insurance commercials is Stephanie Courtney.

What is the name of the Progressive car insurance lady?

The name of Progressive car insurance lady is Flo. Flo is a fictional character who appears in Progressive's commercials and played by the actress and comedian Stephanie Courtney.

What is the name of the recurring female character in Progressive Insurance commercials?

The quirky brunette who frequently stars in Progressive Insurance commercial is named Flo. She is most commonly known for her works on these commercials and her bouffant styled hair and red lipstick.

Who is flo at progressive?

Flo is a fictional character in Progressive Insurance commercials. She is portrayed as a bubbly and enthusiastic salesperson who promotes the benefits of Progressive's insurance policies. Flo has become one of the most recognizable and iconic advertising characters in recent years.

What is the name of the actress in the Progressive Insurance commercials?

Flo from Progressive is not real, her real name is Courtney Stephanie. I don't think anyone can be so crazy about incerance. (Who cares if i spelled Incerance wrong)DONT JUDGE ME :)

Who is the black actress in Progressive Insurance commercials with the husband who loves the remote?

Her name is Sonya Maddox-Upchurch. She is also featured in commercials for the Rembrandt 2-Hour Whitening Kit and Viactive Flavor Glides.

Who is the cute brunette with Flo?

As of 2013, Flo is a fictional character that appears in more than fifty commercials for the Progressive Insurance commercials since the year 2008. The name of the cute brunette that is with Flo in the commercial is not stated.

Who plays Megan in the progressive insurance name commercial?

The actress playing "Megan" in the progressive commercials is Melanie Paxson. Melanie Paxson (born Melanie Deanne Moore; September 26, 1972) is an American actress.

Is the guy in the progressive insurance commercials who gets to price-gun his own insur pakages john ross bowie who plays barry kripke on the tv comedy series big bang theory?

No, the person in the Progressive Insurance commercials who uses a price gun is not John Ross Bowie. The actor's name is Jim Cashman, and he plays the character Jamie in the commercials. John Ross Bowie is a different actor known for his role as Barry Kripke on "The Big Bang Theory."

Who is the blonde actor in the Progressive Insurance commercials in the brown leather jacket and aviator shades?

His name is Emil Slobonovitch, he is from Outer Mongolia and was raised in Harlem. He was a sanitation worker and caught the eye of an acting agency 2 years ago in Santa Monica. His wife is named Althea and he has 4 kids.

Who is the motorcycle guy in the progressive commercials?

His name is John Jenkinson, a family friend, in lots of commercials these days. He was also a Fear Factor winner.

What is the Progressive car insurance ladies name?