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Wind, of course. The Fourth Hokage created Rasengan, a jutsu that Naruto and Jaraiya both learned. Rasengan is a wind style ninjutsu.

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Fourth hokage's legacy is Naruto Uzumaki

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Lightning first as his main jutsu is literally called flying thunder god, rasengan has no nature

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Q: What is the fourth Hokage legacy?
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Who is stronger fourth Hokage or pain?

The fourth hokage, because if Naruto beat Pain then, yes the fourth hokage is stronger.

Did the fourth Hokage join the akatsuki?

No, the fourth hokage did not join the Akatsuki.

Why is the third Hokage called that if he was after the fourth Hokage?

The Third Hokage was still living during the reign of the Fourth Hokage, and when the Fourth Hokage died by protecting the village the village council decided that they should give the Third his title back instead of a new Hokage.

Is the fourth Hokage pein?

No. Pein is Nagato using Yahiko's Body. Minato was the forth hokage.. The fourth hokage is naruto's father

Who is forth Hokage?

The fourth Hokage is Minato Namikaze

Is Kakashi the son of the fourth Hokage?

No. Naruto is the fourth hokage's so. kakashi is just his student.

Who is naurto's dad?

the fourth the fourth hokage

Who would win naruto or fourth Hokage?

Definitely fourth hokage will win. Even if naruto is strong after sage mode, he would have no answer to the "flying thunder god technique" of fourth hokage.

Does Naruto ever surpass the fourth Hokage?

Yes, according to Kakashi, Naruto surpassed the fourth hokage.

Why did the fifth Hokage come after the 3rd?

because the fourth hokage died before the third hokage

On naruto how did it go from fourth Hokage to third?

The Third Hokage came back to be the leader of Konoha when the Fourth Hokage died when he sealed the 9 tailed beast.

Who is stronger Kakashi or the fourth Hokage?

The fourth hokage, obviously. if he could defeat the kyubi, then he can easily defeat kakashi.