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# Orochimaru never fought the fourth hokage he fought the third the fourth died killing the 9 tails

# when he fought the third hokage he changed bodies three times to the sand village kage, to himself and he ripped off his face revealing a young woman


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Q: How many times did orochimaru change body's when he fought the fourth Hokage?
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Why did they not find the Fourth Hokage's body?

It is mentioned in the Sora filler that Edo Tensei (Orochimaru's revive jutsu) requires the actual body of the revived. Since Orochimaru tried and failed to revive the fourth, one can assume that Orochimaru has the Fourth Hokage's corpse.

How can Tobi be obito if obito fought the fourth Hokage?

Because Tobi is from First hokage generation and Obito was from Kakashi generation.

Who stronger the fourth Hokage or orochimaru?

fourth hokage is stronger no questions asked he was able to compete with the ninetails but orocimaru only matches up with 4 tails

Can the fourth Hokage kill orochimaru?

The Yondaime (4th) Hokage-Namikaze Minato, Naruto's father, died the day his son was born after sealing Kyuubi in his son. Did you mean the Godaime (5th) Hokage, Tsunade? I don't think she does. From what spoilers I've heard, Orochimaru enrages Naruto, causing him to go into Sage Mode, and Orochimaru dies. I don't know because I believe that happens in Shippuden and I'm not that far yet. Hope this helps.

Who is stronger fourth Hokage or pain?

The fourth hokage, because if Naruto beat Pain then, yes the fourth hokage is stronger.

Did the fourth Hokage join the akatsuki?

No, the fourth hokage did not join the Akatsuki.

Why is the third Hokage called that if he was after the fourth Hokage?

The Third Hokage was still living during the reign of the Fourth Hokage, and when the Fourth Hokage died by protecting the village the village council decided that they should give the Third his title back instead of a new Hokage.

Is the fourth Hokage pein?

No. Pein is Nagato using Yahiko's Body. Minato was the forth hokage.. The fourth hokage is naruto's father

Who is forth Hokage?

The fourth Hokage is Minato Namikaze

Is Kakashi the son of the fourth Hokage?

No. Naruto is the fourth hokage's so. kakashi is just his student.

What Episode Does The Fourth Hokage Appear In?

What episode of Naruto was the fourth hokage in?SPOILERS BEWARE*****************************************************************Their are 2 episodes the Fourth Hokage appears. In the prolouge and in the most recent (July,22,2010) episode, where he talks with Naruto and convinces him no to rip the Nine Tail Seal.

Who is naurto's dad?

the fourth the fourth hokage