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barn grass

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Q: What is the favorite food of a camel?
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How does the camel store its food inside its body?

how does a camel store its food inside its body.

How does camel store its food inside its body?

Camel store it's food in his hnmp by chine it a little and sallow it

Where do camel gets its food?

from plants :))

Where camel gets its food?

from plants :))

Why a hump at the back of the camel?

the camel has a hump to store food in it so it can survive in the desert

What is Rick Riordan's favorite animal?

Rick Riordan has mentioned that his favorite animal is the camel.

What does camel depend on for its food?

The oases in the desert or food from its owner.

What was Cleopatra's favorite snack?

We do not know for certain what Cleopatra liked or disliked regarding food, with the exception of Camel's hoofs, which were purported to be one of her favorite foods. We do know, however that she, like most of the Ptolemies, liked to eat.

Which animal can go the longest without food or water camel or cheetah?

The Camel can survive longer than the Cheetah without food or water.

How do camel gather food?

yes becuase it does

What food do camel eat?

thorn twigs

What food can a camel not eat?

Lots of stuff