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== Ella Fitzgerald favorite food was Pizza (== ==

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== Ella Fitzgerald favorite food was Pizza (== ==

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== Ella Fitzgerald favorite food was Pizza (== ==

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Q: What was Ella Fitzgerald's favorite food?
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What was ella Fitzgeralds achievements?

to become a singer

What was Ella Fitzgeralds husbands names?

Xavier Wilkins

What were ella Fitzgeralds accomplishments?

She married Ben Kornegay

What were all of Ella Fitzgeralds kids names?

Ray Brown Jr.

What did ella Fitzgeralds parents do for a living?

she look up and said yes

What is ella Fitzgerald favorite food?


What was ella Fitzgeralds education?

piano lessons, public school music system, and high school music courses

What did Ella Fitzgeralds mother die from?

Ella had heart surgery they found out she had diabetes. Because of the disease it left her blind and she had both legs amputated.

Family lifetime of ella fiztgerald?

Ella Fitzgeralds early years were hard years as she came from a black family, that had many children it was a tough life for many blacks those years. She grew up in the city of Newport.

What was ella Fitzgeralds mothers name her mothers name was Jennifer Fitzgerald? says 'Her parents, William Fitzgerald and Temperance Williams Fitzgerald ...' The answer is right there in Wikipedia too!

What was Ella Fitzgerald's favorite thing to do?


What is ella Fitzgerald's favorite color?