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I think it is "Get Down, Studyyyyyyy"

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Q: What is the episode of Hannah Montana called where Jackson gets a smart girlfriend?
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What is the rarest episode of Hannah Montana?

where Jackson get a real, true girlfriend

What happened on episode 3 on Hannah Montana forever?

Hannah tells Jackson's girlfriend her secret

What Hannah Montana episode is where Jackson acts as the godfather?

episode 33.

What episode does Jackson get good grades in Hannah Montana?


What Hannah Montana episode does Hannah and Jackson seek out to a party?

Episode 5 - It's My Party, And I'll Lie If I Want

Why did they make Hannah Montana Forever?

Because Jaskson's girlfriend thought that Jackson was still seeing Hannah Montana because the girlfriend saw Miley as Hannah out of a window outside. As a result the girlfriend was going to break up with Jackson if Miley didn't tell the secret.

Who is Ciana in Hannah Montana Forever?

Because she is Jackson's Girlfriend WHAT ELSE?

What is the last Hannah Montana episode?

where she moves in that little ranch!! and Jackson goes to collage!!!! :)

Who is riko in Hannah Montana?

Rico is Jackson's enemy in Hannah Montana and owns the beach shop in season 1,2&3 and in season 4 owns a pizza place on the pier. Rico and Jackson hate each other until the last ever Hannah Montana episode (Hannah Montana forever) where they hug.

What is Jackson stage name in Hannah Montana Episode 5 season 2 you are Hannah here you croak?

Buckey Kentucky

What episode on Hannah Montana is it that Jackson gets amnesia?

Season 3 episode 11 The name of the episode is Knock Knock Knockin' on Jackson's Head

Is Jenna from Pretty Little Liars on Hannah Montana?

Yes, she plays Jackson's girlfriend, Sienna.