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Former RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff was given on-screen credit for creating the match in the fall of 2002, stating it combines elements of WWE's Royal Rumble, Survivor Series and WCW's "War Games" matches, in that the countdown timer comes from the Rumble and "War Games", the enclosed cage format from "War Games", and the elimination process from the Rumble and Series.[2][3][4] It is a variation of the steel cage, War Games, and Hell in a Cell matches, in that the ring is surrounded by a steel structure of chain and girders, but instead of a standard steel cage, the Elimination Chamber is circular, allowing for four inner chambers (or "pods") to be placed on the apron behind the four ring posts, with platforms keeping the wrestlers from the floor.[1][2][5] The metal is black and the chambers are made of "bulletproof" plexiglass.[6] The chamber is 36 feet (11 m) in diameter and is composed of 10 tons of steel and 2 miles (3.2 km) of chain.[7][8] The match is contested by six wrestlers, two beginning the match in the ring and the other four in the glass chambers.[5][8] After a pre-determined amount of time (three, four or five minutes), a mini-pod opens at random and a wrestler is added to the two already competing, and this continues until all men are released.[5][8] Wrestlers are eliminated by pinfall and submission that count both inside and outside the ring. The winner of the match is the final wrestler left, who has not been eliminated.[5][8] The fifth match, held at the ECW pay-per-view December to Dismember, was a slight variation called the Extreme Elimination Chamber.[9] In this variation of the match, each chamber would have one of four weapons for the competitors locked inside to hold on to. When each competitor's chamber opened, their weapon entered the match along with them.[10] The four weapons used in the match were a crowbar, a table, a steel chair, and a barbed wire baseball bat.[10] The Elimination Chamber match made its debut in November 2002 at WWE's Survivor Series event.[8] Since its debut, there have been a total of seven Elimination Chamber matches held at WWE pay-per-view events.[8] {| ! style="BACKGROUND: #e3e3e3" width="1%" | No. ! style="BACKGROUND: #e3e3e3" width="50%" | Match ! style="BACKGROUND: #e3e3e3" width="9%" | Event and Date ! style="BACKGROUND: #e3e3e3" width="1%" | Length | I Shawn Michaels defeated Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Kane, Chris Jericho, and Triple H (c) to win the World Heavyweight Championship.[11][6] Survivor Series

November 17, 2002 39:20[12] II Triple H defeated Goldberg, Randy Orton, Kevin Nash, Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels to retain the World Heavyweight Championship[13][6] SummerSlam

August 24, 2003 19:12[14] III Triple H defeated Edge, Chris Benoit, Batista, Chris Jericho and Randy Orton to win the vacant World Heavyweight Championship[15][6]

(Shawn Michaels was the special guest referee) New Year's Revolution

January 9, 2005 34:55[16]

IV John Cena defeated Kurt Angle, Carlito, Chris Masters, Shawn Michaels and Kane to retain the WWE Championship[17][6] New Year's Revolution

January 8, 2006 28:23[18] V Bobby Lashley defeated The Big Show (c), Hardcore Holly, CM Punk, Test and Rob Van Dam to win the ECW World Championship

(also known as the Extreme Elimination Chamber) [9][6] December to Dismember

December 3, 2006 24:42[19] VI The Undertaker defeated Batista, Montel Vontavious Porter, Finlay, The Great Khali, and Big Daddy V[20]

(For a World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania XXIV) No Way Out

February 17, 2008 29:34[21] VII Triple H defeated Umaga, John "Bradshaw" Layfield, Jeff Hardy, Shawn Michaels, and Chris Jericho[22]

(For a WWE Championship match at WrestleMania XXIV) No Way Out

February 17, 2008 23:55[23] |}

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Q: What is the elimanation chamber in the wwe?
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