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The duration of La nostra vita is 1.55 hours.

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Q: What is the duration of La nostra vita?
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When was La nostra vita created?

La nostra vita was created on 2010-05-14.

What is the duration of Tutta la vita davanti?

The duration of Tutta la vita davanti is 1.48 hours.

What are the ratings and certificates for La nostra vita - 2010?

La nostra vita - 2010 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:16 Portugal:M/12 Spain:12 Switzerland:12 (canton of Geneva) Switzerland:12 (canton of Vaud)

When was La Coka Nostra created?

La Coka Nostra was created in 2006.

What actors and actresses appeared in Dieci anni della nostra vita - 1953?

The cast of Dieci anni della nostra vita - 1953 includes: Emilio Cigoli Rolf Tasna

What is the duration of Dolce e selvaggio?

The duration of La Dolce Vita is 2.9 hours.

What does le pagine della nostra vita mean?

It is Italian for, The Pages of Our lives.

What is the duration of Ntoltse Vita?

The duration of Ntoltse Vita is 1800.0 seconds.

What is the duration of Dolce Vita Africana?

The duration of Dolce Vita Africana is 3540.0 seconds.

Which international organisation is sometimes called Cosa Nostra?

Cosa Nostra - Meaning "Our Thing". Cosa Nostra or as refered to by the FBI (La Cosa Nostra - This is the wrong term as La means the in Italian and It's not "The Our Thing".) Cosa Nostra originates from "La Stessa Cosa". The Mafioso from the 1900's. La Stessa Cosa, was a very sacred society and no one knew much about it apart from those in the Mafia. After the 1900's La Stessa Cosa was reformed and known as Cosa Nostra. For a short period of time Cosa Nostra was still sacred, but today it isn't secretive anymore.

How do you say life is beautiful in Italian?

La mia vita bella is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "My beautiful life."Specifically, the feminine singular definite article lameans "the." The feminine possessive adjective mia means "my." The feminine adjective bella means "beautiful." The feminine noun vita means "life.'The pronunciation is "lah MEE-ah BEHL-lah VEE-tah.'

What is the duration of Un giorno nella vita?

The duration of Un giorno nella vita is 1.58 hours.