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The duration of Introducing Dorothy Dandridge is 2 hours.

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Q: What is the duration of Introducing Dorothy Dandridge?
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When was Introducing Dorothy Dandridge created?

Introducing Dorothy Dandridge was created on 1999-08-21.

What are the ratings and certificates for Introducing Dorothy Dandridge - 1999 TV?

Introducing Dorothy Dandridge - 1999 TV is rated/received certificates of: Canada:PG (Ontario) Germany:12 Iceland:12 Spain:13 USA:R

The 1999 TV movie Introducing Dorothy Dandridge starred?

Halle Berry

In 2000 who won a Golden Globe Award for TV's Introducing Dorothy Dandridge?

Halle Berry

What is the birth name of Dorothy Dandridge?

Dorothy Dandridge's birth name is Dandridge, Dorothy Jean.

How tall is Dorothy Dandridge?

Dorothy Dandridge is 5' 5".

When was Dorothy Dandridge born?

Dorothy Dandridge was born on November 9, 1923.

What is Dorothy Dandridge's birthday?

Dorothy Dandridge was born on November 9, 1923.

Halle Berry did a biopic on what actress that played Carmen?

Halle Berry starred as the title character in the 1999 TV movie "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge". Dandridge played Carmen in Carmen Jones (1954).

How old is Dorothy Dandridge's daughter?

Dorothy Dandridge's daughter Harolyn Nicholas was born September 2, 1943.

What was Dorothy dandridge's religion?


What did Dorothy dandridge do for a living?

She was an actress.