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Mr. Lyte wants the pottery done instead of Adams. Cilla is the only Lapham girl in the movie. The others are in the book.

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Q: What is the difference between the book and movie of Johnny Tremain?
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Where can you get the Johnny Tremain movie?

I got mine from Target.

Why is Johnny Tremain movie PG?

it is educational and helps you learn

Where and when does Johnny Tremain's movie take place?

In 1776 is when it takes place.

What are the lyrics to the song Johnny Tremain in the movie Johnny Tremain?

Chorus: Johnny Tremain of old Boston town, Remember his name, he fought against the crown. Fought and won 'cause his heart was free, Fought and won for liberty, Johnny Tremain, Johnny Tremain Verse 1: He didn't like Redcoats worth a hoot, And didn't like red in any suit. Boston Town was loaded with tea, He up and dumped it in the sea. Repeat chorus: Verse 2: Had his faith and had his pride And fightin' friends to fight beside They went down to Lexington town And turned the whole world upside down . Repeat chorus: Q: What are the lyrics to the song Johnny Tremain in the movie Johnny Tremain?

Who played isannah lapham in the Johnny Tremain movie?

Isannah Lapham didn't appear in the movie, although she was in the books.

What are the lyrics to the Sons of liberty song in the movie Johnny Tremain and jonny tremain movie and video?

This is only the chorus : its a tall old tree and a strong old tree and we are the sons , the sons of liberty

What movie and television projects has Hal Stalmaster been in?

Hal Stalmaster has: Played Bob Richards, Child in "Cavalcade of America" in 1952. Played Gwynn in "Disneyland" in 1954. Played Johnny Tremain in "Disneyland" in 1954. Played Johnny Tremain in "Johnny Tremain" in 1957. Played Skinny in "The Rebel" in 1959. Played Borden in "My Three Sons" in 1960.

Is colonel smith in Johnny Tremain real?

yes he was very real in the movie hes real and it talks about him in social studies

Where is hal stalmaster?

he is the actor that plays Johnny Tremain in the movie Johnny Tremain.

Was Johnny Tremain a real person?

Johnny Tremain is a fictional character. So is Rab. This book is historical fiction, with some made-up and some real life characters.

What trick does johnny use to avoid losing his horse in the story Johnny Tremain?

I saw the movie many years ago when I was in Summer camp. It was not a Western and not generally about the Cavalry arm. I don"t recall such an incident, maybe he simply tied the animal up at a barn or the equivalent of a garage or coach-house.

Is there a difference between the book IT and the movie?

The movie is really bad, the book, sublime.