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There isn't, but celebrity usually refers to Hollywood stars while you could be a famous person in buisness or other things. Strictly speaking, there isn't a difference.

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Q: What is the difference between a celebrity and a famous person?
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How do you spell celibraty?

A famous person is a celebrity.

What is the meaning of the word celebrity?

Fame or a famous person

How do you spell celebrites?

The plural of celebrity (famous person) is celebrities.

Is colby burg famous?

That's not a celebrity. There is no information on that person.

What is another word for someone really famous?

A really famous person is known as a celebrity.

Who is alyssa hammontree?

Alyssa Hammontree is not a celebrity or famous person's name.

Are football players celebrities?

Yes they. Every famous person is a celebrity

Who is the famous celeberity?

a famous celebrity would be any well recognized person on the news, TV and Internet

What famous sibling of a famous celebrity was the youngest person to be accepted by the prestigious school of American ballet?

Ashlee Simpson

What is an autograph?

An autograph is writing in an individual's own handwriting, often that of a famous person or celebrity.

What is the difference between famous and notorious in brief?

Famous is used for a person who is well known for what is considered a good thing. Notorious is used for a person who is well known for a bad thing, such as a crime.

What to do if your in love with a famous person?

You might want to keep it to yourself, as the celebrity might shy away from you.