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You might want to keep it to yourself, as the celebrity might shy away from you.

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Q: What to do if your in love with a famous person?
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Who was the first person to love a famous person?

Adam and Eve

Is Selena Gomez an actuall singer and famous?

Yes she is she is an awsome person and i love her.

Would Michael Jackson love a person who is not famous?

yes he would R.I.P MJ!

If some one love a famous person what shall he do?

stalk the person and go after them if you think they r ur destined partner

Does Declan Galbraith date non famous people?

At the moment Declan is NOT dating anyone. But if he did, I think it would be the same thing, dating a non-famous person, like dating a famous person. They'd be in love anyway.

How can you help someone who is in love with a famous dead person is a loner and when angry is destructive and harms others?

A person who is in love with a famous dead person; is a loner and gets angry and destructive and harms others needs psychological counseling and no one else can help them. People such as this can be quite dangerous and are not living in reality.

Does any famous person live in Connecticut?

yes one very famous comedian name Lucy Ball she what the star in " I Love Lucy"

Is it possible to be in love with someone one u never met in person or had a relationship with?

I guess, i mean it depends on the type of connection you would have with this person. but if you are in love with someone famous or something like that than it would be considered to really love them

Is it possible that the person you really like are famous and when he see you he might fall in love with you even you are an ordinary person?

yes it happens to alot of people

What does it mean to dream about someone who died that was famous?

This dream means that in your mind, that famous person represents something that you would like to be. For example, a famous athlete might be a symbol of your love for that sport, or a fabulously wealthy person could represent your longing for wealth.

What to do when you are in love a famous person?

First, you must contact the said famous person; include a wedding ring in the package if possible. If mail security is an issue, you must hire a helicopter, in which you will make love after the proposal. Make sure you have plenty of fuel, as making love while hovering over the Andes Mountains is, in fact, the most romantic thing EVER.

What do you include in a letter to a famous person?

Famous people really like it when you tell them how great they are doing. ex. I love your songs. You really go over the top. You are the best!