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The Hokage rules over Konohagakure. The Kazekage rules over Sunagakure. The Mizukage rules over Kirigakure. The Raikage rules over of Kumogakure. The Tsuchikage rules over Iwagakure.

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Q: What is the difference between Hokage and kazekage?
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Will naruto become the Hokage?

He will become the hokage i think.And Gaara is already the Kazekage.

Why did Orochimaru disguise as the Kazekage?

To kill the Third Hokage. He did kill him, but then his arms were useless until Kabuto healed him. !- NarutoFan2000

What episode does Gaara become Kazekage?

Over the 2 years since the last episode of naruto from naruto shippuden, within that 2 years Gaara become Kazekage of his village. Naruto becomes extremely jelous which seems to strengthen his hopes to becoming Hokage in his village Episode #2 - Naruto Shippuden (is when you find out)

Who is the strongest to weakest kage?

Strongest: Hashirama Senju 1st Hokage Weakest: 2nd Hokage 2. Hiruzen 3. Third Raikage 4. Oonoki 5. A 6. Gaara 7. Third Kazekage 8. Secong Mizukage 9. Mu (IDK anyone else)

What is a Ninja leader called?

The leader of Konoha is called the Hokage. The leader of Suna is called the Kazekage. The leader of Kirigakure (hidden mist) is called the Mizukage. The leader of Kumogakure (Clouds) is known as the Raikage.

What happened to the kazekage and how does Gaara become the kazekage?

What happened to the previous Kazekage was he was killed by Orichamaru and Orichamaru impersonates him in the chunin exams to destroy the Hidden Leaf Village. And Gaara becomes Kazekage because he's the strongest shinobi in the village.

Who leads the sand village?

The sand village is lead by the Kazekage. Gaara is currently kazekage

What episode is 'Return of the Kazekage'?

The Return of the Kazekage is episode number thirty-two of Naruto Shippuden.

What was the relation between tsunade and the second Hokage?


What episode does Naruto rescue kazekage arc?

The rescue Gaara (Kazekage) arc begins at Naruto shippuden episode 8.

Who is Kankuro's dad?

Forth Kazekage.

Who is Kankuro's Dad?

Forth Kazekage.