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3 things in different ways of thinking...

first is your picking and fretting hands, you control the speed and notes you play

second is your amplifier and or effects pedals as they control the sound

third and final thing is the knobs on the guitar

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The ones on the head make the strings tighter to change their pitch.

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How do you control the pitch of a guitar?

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Q: What is the control of the guitar?
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How can you control the intensity of a guitar?


Electric guitar control system is a closed-loop control system or not?

Yes it is

Is it easier to play Guitar Hero on a guitar or an control?

its easier to play on guitar, but its far easier to master on the controller (which is better for the long run)

How do you fix a Guitar Hero 3 guitar for the wii when it is rolling through songs out of control?

you turn of the console

Does the guitar hero control for PS3 need batteries?


What do you do when your guitar hero control isn't responding?

Buy a new one.

What is a guitar amp used for?

A guitar amp amplifies the signal from either an electric or acoustic guitar. It allows the user more control over volume and sound of the guitar, as well as giving the potential to add effects such as overdrive.

Can a membrane pot be used to control volume and tone in a guitar?

yes u can

How do you stage dive in Guitar Hero?

That would be cool, but you cant. Stage diving isn't an optional control in Guitar Hero. The only thing close is in Guitar Hero 3 where fans stage dive, but that's it

Do you need special controllers for band hero wii?

Yes, you need a guitar hero wireless control, or a guitar hero USB microphone, or guitar hero drumset. You cannot play with the wii remote alone.

Why don't my guitar hero game recognize my guitar anymore when I connect the remote?

I'm not sure why it doesn't recognize your guitar. Why don't you try pressing the sync buttons on both the wii remote and the wii (or the control+console for whichever system you have) and it might recognize the guitar again. :)

How does the guitar change volume?

The Guitar changes volume by how hard you strum it. If you are on an Electric Guitar you can control how loud it goes by adjusting a switch. On acoustic as well asstrummingit depends on where you strum it. If you strum it over the Hole in it. It will be louder than if you strummed it up the fret board.