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The orphanage lady said "Jerry has no mother. He has no skates.'

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Q: What is the climax on mother in mannville?
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Characters in a mother in mannville?

writer and jerry

What is the falling action on mother in mannville?

In "Mother in Mannville," the falling action occurs when the boy realizes that the woman he thought was pretending to be his mother was actually his mother all along. This revelation leads to a deeper understanding of love and sacrifice.

Why was the narrator at the cabin in the story of a Mother in Mannville?

Because he was taking a vacation.

A summary on a mother in mannville?

find two incidents that show that jerry has integrity.

What does the boy look like to what does the narrator compere him in the story of a Mother in Mannville?

In the story "A Mother in Mannville," the boy is described as thin and dirty, with a quiet demeanor. The narrator compares him to a stray dog, emphasizing his solitary and neglected state.

What was the characteristics of the narrator from a mother in mannville?

The narrator in "A Mother in Mannville" is depicted as kind, compassionate, and nurturing. She takes in an orphan boy, Jerry, and treats him like her own son, providing him with love, care, and support despite her own struggles. She is selfless and embodies the true essence of motherhood in her actions towards Jerry.

How the setting influences the story in mother in mannville?

The rural setting of Mother in Mannville helps to emphasize the isolation and hardship that the protagonist, Jerry, experiences as an orphan. The lack of support and resources in the small town highlight Jerry's struggle to survive on his own. Additionally, the setting underscores the theme of resilience as Jerry learns to navigate his challenging circumstances.

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