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It's probably either a shock mount or a pop filter. Without seeing exactly what you are asking about it's hard to say.

A pop filter is an independent piece that goes in front of the mic. This is to help keep spit off of the mic, and to lessen the sound of s's and p's.

A shock mount is usually a round piece that the mic sits in. Usually the shock mount is connected to the mic stand, and then the mic is placed in it keeping it somewhat suspended in air.

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Q: What is the circle around a microphone in a recording studio?
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Which microphone should I purchase for my home recording studio?

Shure SM58 - microphone is a good all around mic.

What is the...its a circle behind a microphone in the recording studio what is it for?

It is called a pop filter, and it prevents wind currents from vocal recordings from distorting the microphone diaphragm of sensitive condenser microphones. It usually consists of nylon mesh stretched across a plastic or metal frame.

What type of microphone is the Neumann TLM 103?

The Neumann TLM 103 microphone is the kind of microphone that musicians use when they are in the studio recording a new album. The microphone is fairly expensive retailing at $1100.

What else do you need for your home studio besides a microphone and a computer?

Sound recording software. You can download Audacity for free. It is easy to use for recording and editing.

What applications can a USB microphone be used for?

A USB microphone can be used for online broadcasting, recording in studio, or just use it for record anything you wanted. It just be convenience use.

What is sound recording?

1) Scroll down to related links and look for "Shure's Microphone Techniques for Studio Recording Glossary and Appendix". 2) Scroll down to related links and look for "Sound Recording".

What is the best microphone for recording a trumpet?

I dont really think a microphone is the answer. try useing a recording studio, you can hire them out for a period of time in a day. its cheap, and you get good quality.

What is the best microphone for studio recording?

I'd go with the SE Electronics USB1000a USB Cardioid Studio Condenser Microphone OR the Rode RODE NT1A Studio Condenser Microphone with Shock Mount. They are a little pricey, so you're looking at between $150 to $350.

What are you supposed to do at a recording studio?

You record your music at a recording studio.

What do singers do on an average day in a recording studio?

When they are in the recording studio, they are recording. It's their job.

What Is A Pop Filter?

A: A pop filter is a filter that is placed in front of a microphone in a recording studio that keeps extra air from hitting the microphone when a vocalist sings. When singers use words that have the letter "p" or "k", "s", "f", or "b", they tend to use their diaphragm more and this forces air out of their mouth without them realizing it. That sound will hit the microphone and cause the recording to sound really windy (the same thing that happens when the wind hits a microphone) and that can be really bad for a professional recording.

What are good brands of studio microphones?

A microphone definitely determines the quality of your recording, so if you are an amateur musician, I assume you will be looking for something affordable microphone, one brand that I can recommend is SHURE, but that totally depends on your budget, so you can check this guide to purchase which is the right one for you.