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NO. You could buy a case for your equipment or you could store it in a closet or even a room.

I have a recording studio in my basement. But there is several other places you can keep recording studio equipment.

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Q: Do you need a studio to keep your recording equipment in?
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Why do studio recording artists wear headphones when recording in-studio?

More times than not, the recording artist will be listening to either a backing track or a click. The headphones are to prevent excess sound from bleeding into the microphone. A vocalist, for example, will most likely need to hear all of the instruments plus his own voice in his headphone mix. The reason you don't want any bleed is because the sound source is easier to manipulate if it is completely separated from everything else in the mix.

How do you cut voice from song?

To cut the voice from a song, you need to be able to separate the tracks. This requires special equipment, but once you separate them you can make a recording that doesn't have the voice track.

What does the studio technician do?

----A Digital Studio Photographer is a profession in which your taking pictures with a digital camera, after which you store and print them on digital devices. A "digital film," which is made up of flash memory modules or recordable CDs (CD-Rs) or recordable DVD's (DVD-Rs), are used so that the images taken using the digital camera can be transferred to a local computer for printing, or it can be uploaded to a Web site for viewing and printing.The only difference is with the equipment that is being used by the photographer's and the location where the shoot is being held, in this case it's within a studio, not outdoors.

What is garage band and how do you use it?

Garage Band is an Apple Application that is used for recording and editing music.

How can you send your demo to a recording studio?

Sending a demo to a recording studio is a waste of your time and money. A recording studio records music. They would have no use for a demo CD. You would want to send a demo CD to a record label. A recording studio could record your demo, but in general that is all they do.

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Is there any reputable music recording studios in Greensboro, North Carolina that will record demos for my band?

There is a great recording studio called Underground Sound. It is actually built in someone's home but has commercial studio equipment so you can get what you need at a lower rate.

How do you build a recording studio?

"If you have got a sound card in your computer you can easily start a recording studio." To build a recording studio you first need either land or a commercial space or an area of your residential structure that you can give up for this purpose. So the correct answer should more be "in order to build a recording studio you need lots of working capital". Each computer comes with a sound card, and that in and of itself does not a recording studio make.

How do you get to talk to your guy again after you get into the recording studio in the PC game miss popularity?

He is surrounded by equipment so you won't be able to reach him. You need to get his attention by playing guitar.

What do you need to start a recording studio?

A modern commercial studio has many components. Some use tape for recording, some use computers. You could set up a home studio for a couple of hundred dollars, or spend millions recreating Abbey Road. You'll need a recording device and microphones to start.

Can anyone go to a recording studio and get a beat to a song?

Anyone who wants to record can book studio time. Getting a beat doesn't have anything to do with a recording studio. The recording studio records the music. For beats you would need to contact a producer. Some studios do have people on staff that also make beats, but most don't offer this service. You would need to contact each studio to find out what they offer.

What should I practice before I go into a recording studio to sing for the first time?

You need to practice a good song before you go into a recording studio to sing for the first time. Read more at

How do you make a in home recording studio?

This is realy too involved to give complete directions, but essentially you need recording equipment (and it's easy to spend tens of thousands of dollars on this) and a room that you can more or less soundproof (the more so the better, and again this probably won't be cheap).

What kind of software would a recording studio require?

In order to have a proper recording studio, a person would need a certain software download. A software that would be good to use is a software download called Audacity.

What else do you need for your home studio besides a microphone and a computer?

Sound recording software. You can download Audacity for free. It is easy to use for recording and editing.

What type of equipment is needed for a home studio?

The equipment needed for a home studio will vary depending on whether one wishes to produce electronic music or record real instruments, but a good pair of studio monitors and a reasonably fast computer will be essential in either case, as well as digital audio workstation software. For live recording, high end microphones and studio headphones will be needed. For electronic music, one will need a selection of virtual instrument and effects software, or hardware synthesizers and effects units depending on preference.

What do you do to see the music guy again after you get into the recording studio in the PC game miss popularity?

He is surrounded by equipment so you won't be able to reach him. You need to get his attention by playing guitar. After wards you need to meet him at the cafe. but you need to talk to ppl with '!' above their heads to learn about music, and then fill up all your needs.

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To keep you safe