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forever young love

no air

with you

run it

kiss kiss

wall to wall

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ask your granny. ask your granny.

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Q: What is the chris brown concert set list?
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Where did Chris Brown get started?

Chris Brown got started in a mall when he was singing and then a few people that worked at a record company and Set him a recording and then became famous

How does chris brown's sister look like?

She is 26 years old. She is brown skinned and she is heavy set. You can see her in the making of the video "Gimme That".

When is the song flamethrower chris brown going to come out on itunes?

in Set. okay so stop worrying

Can you get the set list from the Rod Stewart concert in Sunrise Florida?

Try here:

What is paramore's set list for 2009 tour?

Okay, I just arrived home from the Detroit Paramore concert held on Oct. 11, 2009. The set list was:IntroIgnoranceI Caught MyselfThat's What You GetLooking UpEmergencyCrushcrushcrushTurn It OffHere We Go AgainCarefulConspiracyWhere the Lines OverlapDecodeEncore songs:Misguided GhostsMisery BusinessBrick by Boring Brick

What is the setting in the book hate list by Jennifer brown?

the story takes place in Garvin County ( Town) & the school name is Garvin High School .. Hope this helped !

How can you know Selena Gomez?

You see her at concert or on her set

Who does Chris Brown go out with? just got official confirmation that Rihanna and Chris Brown are dating. The confirmation came from the lips of Chris' close friend - American Idol winner Jordin Sparks.Here's what Jordin told UK magazine Young Voices:Are Chris Brown and Rihanna dating?Yeah, they are. It was really cool because I walked on the set and she was sitting there with Chris Brown and I was like I can't believe she's here. She came and she told me that she loved No Air, and that it was one of her favourite songs. It was really cool hearing that from one of my peers. She just wanted to support him.Did it feel weird doing intimate scenes with Chris Brown with his girlfriend watching you?(Laughs) It was hard at first, but then I said, 'you know what? I have to work!' It had to look like I was in love with him, so I had to do it. Hopefully she won't kill me!! (Laughs)i don't know but i hope that he is single because to me he is cute

How many songs are in a set?

It is strictly dependent on how the songs are grouped. It is usually based on the length of each song. For example, if the timing for a set is 45 minutes, the chosen group of songs would in total come close to that time. Most sets that I am aware of are 45 minutes on, 20 minutes off. Still, it's a matter of preference. We build concert tours worldwide and here is what a set is: A set list as we get one at each show is a list on songs to be performed that evening. Each concert can be 2,4 and 5 hours long each band or performer has a set list. A set is a group of songs no matter how many measures each song has, a group of songs performed one after the other non stop in a performance or recording in a specific order of play with no limit of how many songs grouped in a set.

Grand Funk Railroad what is the name of the song they opened up with at the clearfield county fair?

Look at the set list for a close time or exact time you saw the concert on Grand Funk Railroad. com

What does Chris Brown look for in a women?

he looks for a women that is pretty,healthy,with good personality,set some good goals and work hard to achieve them.he is a nice person you get to know him.

What Vocal style is Chris Martin?

To my ears, Chris Martin sings in a falsetto reminiscent of Betty Boop. Actually, I think even Betty Boop sang about two to three octaves lower than Chris Martin. Between that and the mind-numbingly tame, mopey elevator Muzak the vocals are set to, listening to Coldplay is uncannily similar to listening to a dying heroin addict try to give a concert.