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there isn't 1 yet but they will

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Ch. 384-393

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Q: What is the chapter where suigetsu fight kisame?
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Is there a rivalry between suigetsu and kisame?

no, suigetsu is only tracking kisame down because kisame is another one of the seven swordsmen.

Are suigetsu and kisame related?


What episode does kisame fight killer bee on

Episodes 206 to 208 deal with Kisame fighting the killer bee on Naruto Shippuden. Kisame has also fought Suigetsu and Team Guy.

Does Suigetsu Hozuki get kisames sword?

No. Not yet, anyway. Suigetsu gets Zabuza's sword, while Killer Bee gets Kisame's sword.

Is Suigetsu sai's brother?

No suigetsus brothers name is mangestsu they havent shown sai brothers face in the show yet

Who is Cuter Gaara Kakashi Kankuro Shino Kisame Lee Deidara or Suigetsu oh and yes they both are so cute?

I would say Suigetsu... or maybe Deidara.

What manga chapter does Suigetsu Hozuki first appear?

chapter 346

What does Suigintou mean?

Suigetsu in Naruto Shipuuden is one of the members of Team Hebi of Team Hawk. Suigetsu lives in the village of Mist and happens to be one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. Suigetsu took Zabuza's sword after Zabuza's death. He used it for fighting material DUH! Suigetsu also joined Team Hebi to get close contact on Kisame Hoshigaki because he wanted to kill Kisame. His rivalry against Kisame was over when Tobi and Sasuke made peace. The mission of Team Hebi was to find Itachi. Since Itachi is always near Kisame, Suigetsu also thought of joining Team Hebi to seek out Kisame as well. HOLD ON!!!!!!!!! HEY HOW IS SUIGETSU ONE OF THE SEVEN SWORDSMAN OF THE MIST HE JUST TOOK ZABUZAS SWORD AND SAID "SORRY MASTER BUT THIS IS MINE NOW" IT NEVER SAYS THAT HE IS ONE OF THE SEVEN SWORDSMAN OF THE MIST AND HE DOESENT LIVE IN THE VILLAGE OF THE MIST HE IS ONE ONE OF OROCHIMARUS GUINIE PIGS OROCHIMARU EXPERIMENTED ON SUIGETSU AND KEPT HIM IN A GLASS TANK FULL OF WATER!!!! Suigetsu is a member of team hebi. HIDAN1234!!!

Who are the members of the seven sorwdsmen of the mist?

Zabuza Kisame Raiga (filler character) Suigetsu (took Zabuza's sword 3 years after he died)

What chapter did Suigetsu and Sakura meet?

They haven't meet each other

Who would win in a fight, Moka Akashiya or Suigetsu?

Suigetsu can turn into water and Moka is a vampire. Vampires are weak against water and will be electricuted upon touching it (in rosario+vampire that is)- in other words, Suigetsu would win automatically.

What episode of Naruto Shippuden do you see suigetsu fight first?

Zabuza first faught in volume fiveidiot ^Suigetsu appears in episode 115 of Shippuuden.